The Situation in the Ukraine is an Historical Event of Immense Magnitude

Recently, some readers have complained to me that we are covering the Ukraine situation too closely, saying they are bored with the topic.

In fact, I’m not really covering it that closely. I’m really just giving the broad strokes, and giving people a basis upon which they can do further investigation into what is going on if they are so inclined.

If readers find the coverage boring, they can skip over it. There is a lot of other stuff on this site. I am covering the Ukraine the exact right amount. I am obligated to do this because so few outlets are covering the war with any truth or honesty. In the English language, the pro-Russia perspective is very difficult to find, with most conservatives who are against the war simply saying that they don’t care either way. “I do care and I actively support those fighting against the Washington and Brussels elite” is an important perspective that must be in the public conversation.

Mitch McConnell was right when he said the most important thing happening in the world is the Ukraine conflict. He was right for the wrong reasons, but he was right.

Someone is going to win this conflict, and someone is going to lose. The stakes could not be any higher. The future of the entire world now hinges on the outcome of this conflict. This is the single most consequential military conflict in all of human history.

If Russia loses, the Putin government will collapse, and the US will be able to steamroll the country, break it apart into several pieces. From there, the US will have China isolated, and then eventually break them. This will result in the final establishment of a singular world order run by the Jewish power centers in the United States, Europe, and Israel.

If the US loses the war, we are looking at a freefall collapse of the Western economic and military order, a rising China, and a reshuffling of the entire order of power on the planet earth.

The reason I support Russia is that I want the US empire to collapse. The reason I want the US empire to collapse is that I do not believe that the US empire is compatible with freedom in the US, and believe that we can only reestablish freedom in this country when the empire falls.

If the dollar goes down and the US can no longer export debt to the world through the dollar reserve system, the US government will no longer have the ability to micromanage the lives of American citizens. They will not have the resources (you have to have a lot of excess money to inflict your will on the entire population, which is one reason why people are so much freer in third world countries). We will be free, and we will then be able to return to the natural order in our society, without Jews controlling everything, without trannies, without deadly fake vaccines, without mass immigration, without feminism.

Those are the stakes.

I do like Russia as a country. I like that they are Christian, that they have a masculine leader, that they allow their population to have freedom. However, that is more or less incidental. I would support Russia fighting against the NATO machine even if I did not like Russia’s politics. In the end, I don’t really care about Russia or China – I care about myself, my own friends and family, my own country. I view the world in terms of what is best for me, as is the natural way for anyone to view world events.

Responding to Pro-Ukraine Neo-Nazi Posters

We have all seen posters on 4chan and various other places where right-wingers post attacking Russia and even going so far as to support the Ukraine. I tend to just assume most of these posters are employees of the federal government, but some of them are probably real people who picked up on narratives from the shill posters. These people will say “Russia is not based.” They will go on to claim that people should support the Ukraine because it is a “white country” fighting for independence.

You can get down into the weeds with all that, and explain that the Ukraine has a Jewish occupation government. You can point out the ridiculousness of a right-winger supporting the narrative of the Jewish US State Department. But it is unnecessary to go into all of that.

Here is something these allegedly right-wing anti-Russia people will never explain: how is it good for Americans or Westerners generally for the Ukraine to win this conflict? They do not have any answer and so they will pretend it is not even a question. They will just go on and on about how Putin insulted Adolf Hitler, and how great the Ukraine is because they have neo-Nazi fighters in skull masks. They will cite the ideology of Ukraine nationalists as good. And that’s all they’re talking about: ideology.

These ultra-suspicious neo-Nazi people on forums are supporting the ideology of neo-Nazism, explaining that they stand with the Ukraine because of this ideology, while people on CNN – and Fox News, for that matter – are standing with the Ukraine because of the ideology of “democracy values” (gay sex, feminism, Jewish dominion).

Ideology is not real, and it is not useful for human beings. When it comes down to it, there is only one thing that matters, and that is what happens in your life, and what will happen in the lives of your children and grandchildren after you’re gone. You are not obligated to support foreign peoples against your own interests. All you are expected to do in this life is take care of yourself, your friends and family, and your homeland. That’s all.

As a rule, your interests are likely to overlap with foreigners who are also putting their own interests first, as all nations of the world are fighting against a Jewish world order that seeks to undermine every state and implement a single global government system. But if your interests do not align with foreigners, you’re under zero obligation to support foreigners, in any situation.

It is a self-evident fact that a collapse of the US as the dominant military power in the world will lead to a severe decline in the ability of the US government to inflict its will on the domestic population. This is very straightforward, and it is not reasonable for anyone to try to muddle this issue with nonsense about ideology. Events and their effects are the only things that have any relevance to humans. Ideology is a way for people to bypass the real world effects of events, and instead focus on the perceived deeper meaning of events. In reality, there is no deeper meaning to events beyond what you yourself project onto them. The only thing that is real are real world outcomes. The fact that both Jewish democracy people and internet neo-Nazis can project meaning onto the events in the Ukraine and come to the same conclusion proves that the perceived meaning is not intrinsic, but rather projected.

People do things for all kinds of different reasons, and you can’t figure out what they mean when they do something. Probably, they do not “mean” anything by their actions. Typically, people do things that they believe will be beneficial to themselves and their interests, and that is definitely the way institutions do things.

These pro-Ukraine ZOG shills will also project things onto me and others who support Russia and China. They will claim that I believe “Putin is the savior of the white race.” Although I do think it is fun to lionize Putin as a White Christian warrior of historical significance, the basic fact is that it does not matter to me how Putin views himself. What matters to me is that Putin’s interests align with my own, because he has the same enemies as I have: the Western establishment. The same people in the government and the media who tried to force-vaccinate me and my family, the people who are pushing homosexuality and genital mutilation on little kids in my community, are at war with Russia.

If someone is able to do ideology-based mental gymnastics and come up with “here’s why I’m siding with the people trying to vax me and cut my son’s dick off,” they’ve lost the plot. The immediate and correct response is to support absolutely anyone who is standing in opposition to the people trying to sexually mutilate your kids – regardless of who it is or what they believe, someone who is going to fight against people trying to hurt your kids is a friend.

Frankly, even responding to people who are “standing with Ukraine” is something that is below me, but I am seeing an increase in these posts in various places, clearly because the feds are putting more money into it. I know that some of my readers are not totally informed on the details of everything, and sometimes these arguments on how “Putin is not based” can be compelling to people who do not have all the details. I do think Putin is based, but the bottom line is that it simply does not matter. What matters for you is how things affect you and your life, and you should make decisions on where to put your moral support based on a logical assessment of how events will affect your life.

“We Can’t Do Anything”

Another reason that people find the news about the Ukraine conflict tiresome is that it feels like something we don’t have any influence on, and therefore whether or not you support Russia is irrelevant. My response to that would be that the same is true for events happening in the United States. We are largely completely powerless to do anything about anything that is happening anywhere.

Polls show that more people than ever are dropping out of following the news because they don’t have any ability to affect anything.

So why should we care about anything?

Well, there is probably an intrinsic human need to know what is going on around us, even if we can’t do anything to affect it. At the very least, it helps us plan for the future.

However, I would also argue that having the correct understanding of the world leads to people being able to exercise more influence on events. We could go through specific examples, but we can see plainly that the most impotent people are those with a distorted understanding of what is happening. We have “conservatives” watching Sean Hannity and then supporting the wars. Whether or not one person supports the war is irrelevant, but in order for this system to work, these people do still need some amount of public support. There are a lot more of us than there are of them.

As has been said: if the situation were truly hopeless, their propaganda would not be necessary.

I do understand people who are tired of reading about the Ukraine, and you are more than welcome to skip over my writings about that situation. I write about a lot of different topics, and there is much non-Ukraine material on here every day. But I feel I have a duty to cover this topic, regardless of how many people are reading it.