The Situation is Degrading Rapidly – But You are Not the Situation


The other day – probably yesterday, but I can’t be certain – I insulted Elvis Dunderhoff while writing his articles for him.

I should not have done that. He’s a great guy and a great worker – one of the few I’ve found. Yes, he does sometimes post unfunny memes. But he’s been loyal and is really one of the best employees we’ve had. He wrote under another name before, I won’t say which one. But he’s been around for years and has always been a good worker, so I shouldn’t publicly insult him. Privately is another story, of course.

For those who don’t understand: “Elvis Dunderhoff” and “Snake Baker” are both people who compile skeletons of articles – the source material, images, memes, tweets, videos, and so on – and then I write most of the text.

Back in ye olden days, when I first got popular, many people accused me of using ghostwriters – they claimed I was multiple people claiming to be the same person. It is funny that I am now one person claiming to be multiple people.

I’ve found that writing text is very easy for me. Sometimes it’s garbage, of course. But what I’ve found is that I have observations that are very simple for me that are not obvious to other people, so simply taking a news story and adding 3-4 paragraphs of my own context/commentary can really help people better understand the news. There is also the situation where people rely on this site largely just to keep up with the news – if it was only my commentary without the daily news element, many fewer people would come here every single day. That has always been the model of the site – to get people coming in every day as just a general news site that gives the news of the day, then also has my spin. Even if people don’t agree with my spin, they still get the news. And sometimes I’m funny.

It’s a weird realization how confused most people actually are about what is going on. That is to say – I am consistently shocked by how apparently insightful I am. In my own head, it seems to me like most of my writing should be worthless, as all I am doing is stating obvious things. I have to constantly remind myself that these things are not obvious to most people, and some of these things are possibly only obvious to a few dozen people on the planet. I’m not pumping myself up here, or bragging about anything. There are clearly some very serious problems with my prose. It is published totally unedited. I also make a lot of jokes that I know are only funny to me, and think it is funny that no one else thinks they are funny. Alex Stein was talking about this in his interview with Nick – he was referencing Andy Kaufmann at the end of his career thinking the funniest joke was people not getting his jokes. The writing itself is all very lazy, though I am not a lazy person – it is just that the output is so large that it must necessarily be lazy.

I try not to think too much about myself. For myself, when I think about myself, I am analyzing my behavior as if it was someone else’s behavior. Any time you talk about yourself, people are going to accuse you of having an inflated ego, even if you rarely talk about yourself. In general, you should not concern yourself with the judgement of others, but this is especially true when the judgement of others is relating to your own judgement of yourself. You are the only person who is in your head. Other men have a right and a duty to judge your behavior, and honest men will speak to you frankly about your behavior, and you should consider it. But no one has any idea what is going on in anyone else’s heads. They are talking about mind-reading technology now, which is physically possible, but not metaphysically possible, and the universe, in my experience, is metaphysical rather than physical. The isolation of the individual inside of his own thoughts is an absolute reality, a result of the Fall of Man, and a separation from God in this physical realm we have awoken in. What we see with the current age is people attempting to escape the pain that comes with the reality of permanent personal isolation by attempting to buy into a mass mind. That is how you get all of these utterly ridiculous and absurd hoaxes (global warming, coronavirus, trannies, George Floyd, Ukraine democracy, women’s rights, etc.). People are trying to abstain from the responsibility of the pain that comes from the isolation of the human inside his own mind by surrendering their consciousness to a mass mind, dictated to them by external forces which they don’t have any comprehension of.

This is to say: the suffering of the loneliness of being isolated inside of your own mind until death comes also with the privilege that no one can judge your thoughts, up to and including your perception of yourself. Attempting to alleviate the loneliness of being inside this cage of the mind, which is inside the cage of the physical body, in a state of separation from God, leads to much worse suffering than the natural suffering of the isolation inherent in the human condition. Death is the only way out of this life, so you might as well embrace the upsides of being locked in this form, and one of the absolute upsides is that your vision of your own self is only yours. If you’re reading this site, and in particular if you’ve followed me all the way to this sentence, through deliberately opaque language and obtuseness, you are probably significantly smarter than most people in the world, and the likelihood is that you are not actually aware of this, because you haven’t looked at yourself in the way that you have a right and an ability to do.

For me, saying “actually, yes, I have an extremely unique ability to process and categorize information, and I need to lean into this” was a realization that did not come to me until my mid to late twenties. I had been accused of schizophrenia and worse, which led to a degree of self-consciousness rather than consciousness of self. What I lacked was the confidence to go all the way. I also lacked the information, frankly. I was attempting to categorize information based on a limited amount of information, which led to bad outputs, which led to me being accused of schizophrenia, which then led to self-doubt, which interfered with the process of information categorization. However, by 2013, when I started this site, my ability to categorize information was functioning at a high level, and the advent of /pol/ had given me the access to the information that needed to be categorized.

I have met other people that probably had this same capacity, but lacked the boldness – due to a concern about the opinions of others – and were therefore condemned to attempt to properly categorize wrong information. Much more common on the right is people who have the boldness, but lack the ability for categorization. You get all kinds of weird mixups. My goal has been to get up every day and do my best to put the information out and categorize it, and to do it in a form that is as simple and accessible as possible. I am very certain that there are people who score higher than me on IQ tests. Many people. (I know my IQ. I’ve taken multiple professionally administered tests, in different countries.) However –

Anyone is free to go back and read what I wrote in 2013, 2014, 2015. And so on. I don’t think anyone even comes close to comparing to me in how accurate I’ve been. (Arguably, I’ve also been funnier than most people, though this is debatable, and I haven’t been very funny recently at all.) It’s not arguable that I’ve been the most correct about the most things of any single public individual. That’s not braggadocio – just try to give me a name. It is a fact that I was right. Most monumentally perhaps, I was right about the coronavirus. I was only wrong in predicting it would get worse in 21-22 – but the only reason I was wrong is that I underestimated myself and overestimated the intelligence of the people I was analyzing. You will recall, I hope, that I said that of the three main targets – China, Russia, and Iran – Russia was clearly the most vulnerable, and that would be the first target after Biden took over. I told you Biden was going to take over as soon as it was confirmed that they were going to allow mass mail-in ballots, and I told you he was going to be a war president. The closer we got to this war with Russia, the more sure I was that Russia was going to be the target. However, I could not have predicted that they would put the virus hoax on hold completely in order to try to transfer the mass mind of the goyim towards this war effort. This was a very stupid mistake by them. Frankly, I also could not have predicted that they would weaponize the dollar and use sanctions in a way that benefited Russia, while starving out the West, and convincing themselves that this was a good way to push the global warming hoax. I do not know why these people are this incompetent, because that information is not available.

It is, however, a benefit to us that these people are this incompetent. They have actually already lost. There is no possible series of actions that fixes these mistakes. They should have started the war with Russia in the Ukraine, not weaponized the dollar, not angered the entire world, attempted to keep up some kind of relationship with China temporarily, kept the virus hoax going while also keeping people materially comfortable, weaponized the fifth column in Russia (including and especially the likely tens of thousands of CIA-trained ISIS Moslems inside Russia’s borders), forced a regime change in Russia and then isolated China. They should have kept all of this global warming hoaxing on ice while keeping the virus hoax center stage with Russia as a looming background threat. This all seems very obvious to me. The sanctions failing completely, and then whoever is in charge saying “oh well, this is fine because we’re trying to force windmills on people anyway” is inexplicable. They’re now using the price of oil as a weapon against their own population while forgetting that Russia and China are benefiting from it.

It is clear that the ship is sinking, totally, and this is going to be very painful for all of us. There is no way to actually predict how this will play out, because there is no ability to understand the processes of the people who are making these decisions. This goes back to the issue of needing information in order to categorize it. At some point in the last 10 years, the level of competence of the ruling elite has dipped drastically. “The Western Liberal World Order” is effectively a black box at this point. No one has any idea who is running it, and it is increasingly beginning to appear as though no one is running it. It does not make sense how it is able to function without a clear hierarchy. Even if we are talking about a cryptocracy, there has to be some kind of front-facing structure, and that does not exist. It’s a trope to say that “politicians are puppets,” but puppets implies a puppet master, and the puppet master presently appears to be absent totally. You have Jews and other special interests, you have corporations and billionaires, but it appears to be more of a feeding frenzy than an organized structure with a clear end goal.

But that is all frankly beside the point. It is all really a kind of illusion, with all of these global events and events in your personal life being parts of your own personal story, which you live out alone, inside your head, because you are separated from God, and therefore you are separated from everyone else. This is your story. Everything that is happening in your life is a part of your story. Your life is not defined by the things that happen to you, or by the way world events unfold and the way those happenings affect you, but by the decisions that you make. And you are only defined by these decisions. The decisions you make are who you are, and only you are able to understand these decisions and understand why you made them, and therefore you must understand yourself. Therefore – and I repeat: therefore – you must be able to understand yourself, first and foremost, if you ever hope to make the correct decisions and become the person you are intended to be. Life is literally exactly like a “choices matter” RPG game. You didn’t design the game, you are the player of the game. These world events matter, which is why I included a total tangent of world event analysis in what is ostensibly a self-help article. All of these things that are happening are part of your story, because you are experiencing them. But these things do not define you and they do not make you who you are, and you can’t blame them for who you are. Movie stars become junkies and the children of subcontinental peasants become billionaires.

You are in control, whether you know it or not. You can choose to surrender control to other people, or to nebulous external forces you can’t even define. Most people do that. Most people fail at life. If you fail at life, what you are doing is failing to return to God. The quest man is given is to start emerging from the womb as having been separated from God and to work his way back. “Know thyself” is not an end in and of itself, but simply a starting point from which to understand the process of decision-making. You have to know yourself to even understand the weight of these decisions you make. From there, you must understand the end goal of the decisions, and the path toward that goal.

Whatever happens, you wake up every day, and you do the right thing. When I grew up, I rightfully viewed evangelical Christians as flakes and fakes. Some of them might have been good people – I don’t know – but they did not struggle. The message of Jesus Christ is that life amounts to suffering and death, and that we do the right thing regardless of the outcome. The only truly light parts of this experience are the relationships we are able to build with other people, because that is our connection to God. We all want to be together again, but we will not be together again in this life. The only thing we will do is find bits of shared fun or pain, through connections to other people, as we all suffer together through this life. You can picture lovers in locked prison cells beside one another, whispering through the cracks in the wall. We try to touch someone else’s experience, to line it up with our own, but it will never fit correctly, because we are all fundamentally alone.

A quest for personal happiness is like a communist quest for a utopian society. You can’t be “happy.” It’s against the rules. You are separated from God, you are trapped in your head, you are trapped in this flesh.

There will come a day when you look back on these horrible times as the good times. That day is probably coming pretty soon. The situation on planet earth is degrading rapidly, and a lot of people are going to die. You don’t have to be any kind of genius to see this – the writing is on the wall. Here’s a thought experiment: imagine if society degrades at the same rate it’s been degrading for a decade for another decade. What is going to be happening then? And what we’ve noticed in the last decade is that the rate of degradation is speeding up. There is Jewish-style compound interest on sin. The situation is degrading rapidly.

The situation is degrading rapidly.

The external situation is degrading rapidly. Your internal situation is not the same thing as the external situation. We are all about a third of the way through the second act of our lives. Tension is escalating. The situation is degrading rapidly.

Do not degrade with the situation. Develop your character through this situation, which is degrading rapidly. Life goes on after death. I’ve seen it.

I’m thankful to all of my staff. This project didn’t turn out how I wanted it to, but I’m happy with the way it has turned out, and I’m not sure how it could have been better. I have a staff of four and they all probably do their best. I won’t name them, but they are good folks. Real human beings. I thank God for them.

We were all born into a situation. All of these things on earth are elements of the situation. All the people we know and all of the people we don’t know are parts of a situation, which has begun to rapidly degrade.

I don’t know what is going to happen, because there is no way to analyze data that doesn’t exist, but I do know that the situation is degrading rapidly, and we’re all going to have to deal with a lot of things we didn’t want to have to deal with, but which will give us the opportunity to make decisions of personal consequence, which was the purpose of life to begin with. As far as idiotic cliched inspirational phrases go, “today is the first day of the rest of your life” is arguably the highest quality one.

Last week, or the week before, or whatever, I mentioned Mussolini’s stated philosophical position of being pro-war, as war is, in his view, necessary to build the character of a man. It is absurd to be actively pro-war, obviously, but on a philosophical level, a life without suffering has no meaning, and it is literally the Christian belief that the definitive aspect of human existence is suffering.

Jesus didn’t deserve to suffer, because He didn’t sin. But we only sinned because we were born sinners because some stupid bimbo took the advice of a talking snake.

Jesus is our example. Jesus’ life was clearly marked by being persecuted by Jews, which ended with Him being tortured to death. Along the way, He made friends, He had a few drinks, had some good food, confronted Satan, and tried to help other people when they deserved it. Jesus also beat the Jews with a whip, frankly. And when He died, He rose again, and was reunited with God, after having suffered in the flesh, having suffered understanding the basic nature of reality and trying to explain it to dumb people who wouldn’t listen to Him.

The boomers who we mock were cursed with peace and love. Can you truly become great under such a curse?

We are blessed with a rapidly degrading situation.

The best advice I can give you is this: keep in your mind, always, that with every second that passes, you are closer to death.

Beyond that, I can’t actually remember the point I was trying to make here.