The Territory of the Former Ukraine Wins Big Victory Against Letters “Z” and “V”

People will be like “actually, the Ukraine is not winning, that is retarded nonsense from the US media that doesn’t even make any sense.”

Well, what do you call this, vatnik?

Brave Zelenskyite forces just won a decisive victory against TWO letters of the Latin alphabet.


Ukraine has restricted use of the letters ‘Z’ and ‘V’ in personalized license plates, the country’s Interior Ministry announced on Friday.

The two letters are commonly associated with the “Russian aggression” against Ukraine, the ministry said, explaining the measure. While the letters are not subjected to a blanket ban, they cannot be used from now on as standalone symbols on a plate or as a substitute for similar-sounding Cyrillic letters in words.

Ukrainian forces met ZERO resistance from these letters. 

That’s just one example of an unprecedented Ukrainian victory this week.

I could list even more – but I don’t have all week!