The Troll Forum is Now Alive. As am I.

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 2, 2014

Stormers: Report in.
Stormers: Report in.

We have news, brothers.

The Troll forum is alive, and we are moving forward.

Our enemies cower before us.

A Collection of Fine Art

I am pleased to announce that the entire A. Wyatt Mann cartoon collection is now being hosted on the Daily Stormer Troll Forum.

See them here.

Also pleased to announce that the Troll Forum is now fully operational, save for posts.  Not a lot of posts.

What you, the public (without an account) can view are two boards, one of which is called “Trollfeed,” wherein materials useful for trolling operations will be posted.  The Mann collection is there.

Some of these cartoons are better than others, some are higher quality than others.  Some of them are a bit gross for my tastes, but this is classic and historical art which deserves to be preserved and collected in this fashion.

My hope is that people will go through and find the better ones and clean them up with photoshop so we can have a restored collection of the highest quality.

I believe everyone who requested an account and met the requirements now has an account.  I understand that the purpose might not be exactly completely clear, so I will need to get on there and direct things.

Notes on Other Issues of Import

As you are probably aware, I’ve got a whole lot going on right now, still trying to figure out how to fix all of the bugs in this site after it was transferred to the new host as well as attempting to figure out how to run the new host software (by the way, the host is a secret, so as our enemies cannot target it).

On top of this, our PayPal was shut down, and I am still not sure how I am going to obtain funds.  If you want to send money in through the mail, that address is here.  I am presently looking into various PayPal alternatives through which money can be sent, hoping to find one that will itself accept PayPal.  If not, online donations will have to be done in the future through credit card, I guess.  Hopefully people will continue to be generous.

I am myself feeling pretty beat down, all of this happening at once has been difficult, and I apologize for not doing all that I said I would do when I said I would do it.

These snakes.  Always these snakes.
These snakes. Always these snakes.

Just to be clear, I work insane amounts of hours on this site.  I have a policy of not tooting my own horn, but I think it is fair for people to know that this is not easy.  I am harassed, my family is harassed, while I work without a possibility of a financial future for what I believe to be right.  That is simply the reality of this situation.

I will never do everything right.  I understand that, and I would hope that readers do as well.  I will write analysis that some agree with and some don’t, I will write analysis that is wrong, I will suggest that I think certain things are likely to happen and some of those things will not happen.  I am a human being, and a far from perfect human being.

My own personal life journey has been weird, as those who have followed me from before I became a Nazi are aware, as are those who have followed the drama regarding beliefs that I held and behaviors I engaged in before I was a racially-aware White man (one time when I was 25 and working in Asia I actually went to a mall with an Asian chick – can you believe that?  How could I possibly ever be a real Nazi after having been at a mall with an Asian chick?  And did you hear me trolling that Black radio host and saying I thought Black girls were hot?  And that the White race should be “bred out”?  How could I ever become the editor of a racist website after making sarcastic comments like that?).

Those who wish to whine are going to whine.  None of them have produced anything.  They are as far below me as dirt is below the sky.

    It was always a war. And such will it always be.
It was always a war. And such will it always be.

I did not expect that I would become a hardcore racist.  I was a leftist and a punk for the better part of my youth.  As I grew up, circumstance and divine providence brought me to the truth, and when the truth was known to me, I had no choice but to act on it, to fight in the only manner I knew how to fight – with my words.  I created this site.

As it is now, my entire being is poured into it.  It is always distressing to see people complaining that I am not doing enough, or insulting me personally for whatever reason, but the pride and honor I feel when appreciation is shown far outweighs all of the negative, and I will continue to do everything in my own power to make this the best pro-White website in the world.

I thank you all for the support that you have given me.  For those who have not given me any support, I thank you for caring enough about what I have to say to read this.  I do this for you, I do it for our shared ancestry and for the children who must carry on after we are all dead and gone.

The Jews never forget.  But neither do we.
The Jews never forget. But neither do we.

It is very heavy to be in this position.  I will continue to do the best I can, continue to put my whole self into this endeavour.

And we will continue to move forward.  To ultimate, unconditional Victory.

Before this is over, my dearest of brothers, we shall retake Berlin and shall march on Rome.

Because God is with us.
Death or Glory.

Because God is with us.

Hail Victory.
Andrew Anglin