The Ukraine Planning to Invade Crimea “Soon,” Report Reveals

Take your time, guys.

Just keep announcing it every once in a while.

People will get the message – and they will really get existed about your victories to come.

New York Post:

Ukrainian forces are planning to enter Russian-occupied Crimea “soon” and have been spotted with North Korean rockets they reportedly seized from Moscow’s forces, according to reports.

Chief of the Defense Intelligence of Ukraine Maj. Gen. Kyrylo Budanov did not specify when the military would begin their operation, according to Ukrainian news outlet TSN.

People think that it is obviously impossible for the Ukraine to win a war against Russia, because Russia is a much bigger country.

This is a self-evident fact.

However, what war is really about is feeling good.

And people feel really great imagining a Ukraine victory, where the scrappy forces of gay anal American values beat the evil heterosexual Christian forces of Russia.

You sell the image and it’s very profitable, even as you are obviously losing the war.