The Ukraine Using 68-Year-Old Grandpas in Hopeless Fight Against Russia

If I was 68 years old, and a bunch of neo-Nazis came and told me I had to fight a war for the Jews, that would be the day I died.

The Ukrainian civilians are pretty well armed. Every old man in a village has at least a shotgun.

What would you do in this situation, if you’re 68, and the neo-Nazis come and tell you it’s time to die for the Jews?

Reuters is saying these are volunteers. I don’t even know if I think this story is true at all. This seems like something that was just made up whole cloth.


Oleksandr Taran’s mobile artillery unit isn’t officially part of Ukraine’s military, but that hasn’t stopped his men from destroying Russian targets on their own dime.

“We … get by thanks to the pension fund,” the 68-year-old commander – whose call sign is “Grandpa” – said with a chuckle.

Taran’s all-volunteer unit, the Steppe Wolves, is comprised of dozens of Ukrainian men mostly over 60 years old who are considered too old to be drafted but still want to fight.

Roving behind the front line with truck-mounted rocket launchers, they take orders from field commanders and work with other troops, contributing to the war effort despite lacking official support from the military.

The unit is funded by donations and stocked with faulty rounds they repair themselves as well as weapons captured from the enemy. Both are delivered to them by front-line troops.

More than two years into Russia’s full-scale invasion, Ukraine’s mobilisation effort is struggling amid flagging enthusiasm.

Yeah, no shit.

It’s incredible that they are capable of preventing an uprising.

No one who doesn’t live in the Donbass cares about the Donbass. Everyone in the Donbass wants to be a part of Russia.

What is the purpose of this war? How many Ukrainians actually believe the state media (all Ukraine media is state media) that says Russia invaded just because they want to kill everyone in the Ukraine?

I’m sure women believe that, because they’re not being drafted yet. That’s why they haven’t drafted women – if they did, women would turn against the government, and there would be no one to enforce this lunacy.