These are the Good Guys: New Brutal Video of Heroic Syrian Freedom Fighters Slaughtering Bad Bad Gassers

Daily Stormer
September 7, 2013

This is the face of a true hero.
This is the face of a true hero.

Lovely new video footage of the democratic heroes fighting the evil, evil Holocaust-repeater Assad has been smuggled out of Syria by a former rebel and gone viral on the internet.

The video, recorded in April, was obtained by the New York Times. Filmed on a cellphone camera, it shows the freedom fighters murdering seven shirtless government soldiers to help freedom and stop Adolf Assad and his new Holocaust – because we must never forget the sixty billion Jews in gas chambers.

Like Obama, McCain and Jewn Kerry say: we have to help these heroic cannibal serial killers in their fight for freedom against the bad bad dictator of evil oppression and the Holocaust to help Israel and save freedom and democracy forever and ever.