These Jews are Sadistic Maniacs and They’re Lying About Everything for the Purpose of Separating You from God

In the above video, British cold weather enthusiasts go to a gas station in London and smash up the pumps with a hammer.

These people are a demented cult. I want to talk to one of them. I would have to do it on the internet, or I would not feel safe, but what is even going on in their brains?

Why do they love cold weather so much? I hate cold weather.

Of course, I don’t think they love cold weather, actually. They are just obsessive, bizarre people who believe everything the media says.

You see, there is a religious mechanism in the human brain. All people, all over the world, have had some form of religion – even the blacks in Africa. So when you remove the religion, as the controller Jews have done in the West, you get people looking around for some new religion. This gibberish about sacrificing civilization for some kind of weather god is religious. No one can read about the actual doctrine of manmade global warming and believe it’s real.

I’m not going to go through the whole thing now, but I’ve done it many times: these theories are ridiculous and idiotic, and they have been repeatedly – over and over and over again – disproved by the people making the predictions. Al Gore said in 2003 that New York City would be underwater by 2015. People believed that. These people in the video attacking the pumps are old enough to have been well into adulthood when Gore made those predictions.

It is no different than any other doomsday cult. They just make all these predictions, they don’t happen, and then they make more predictions. The truth is: human-released atmospheric carbon dioxide is a minuscule fraction of the total quantity of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, and could not possibly change the weather in any measurable amount. The whole thing, from the start, is a hoax.

These people literally admit that we’re at the end of an ice age, and the weather is naturally warming because of increasing intensity of the sun, but then claim that carbon is speeding it up, and that this will cause an apocalypse because – ??? No one knows. They stopped saying the “sea levels rising” thing – for now. Meanwhile, they are cutting down trees – which absorb carbon dioxide – to build these sickening windmills.

I have had people come to me and say “oh Anglin, you should endorse global warming and not deny The Science – also we can use global warming as an excuse for sterilizing black people.” And I’m like “look, firstly, you’re a retard. You didn’t see any “science,” you just believed people you thought seemed smart. Secondly, believe The Science and go get your latest booster and cut your son’s dick off because his soul got trapped in the wrong body.”

Also, in March of 2020 at least until September of 2020, people were telling me the coronavirus wasn’t a hoax because of The Science. There were “right-wingers” pushing the vax, because of The Science.

Everything these media Jews push is a hoax. You can’t believe any of it. Global warming is the mega-hoax, the hoax to end all hoaxes. Coronavirus was a bigger hoax than the Holocaust, but you will notice that virtually every one of the main “solutions” offered for the fake coronavirus crisis were identical to the “solutions” offered for global warming. You even had CNN bringing on Greta Thunberg to talk about coronavirus. They were doing crossovers of the hoaxes!

Here’s the clip! I’m not joking! This happened!

Hoax crossover!

Like when the Avengers teamed up with the Justice League!

Bill Gates published a book about global warming while he was leading the charge for destroying everyone’s lives in the name of a flu virus which no one has proved exists.

I see right-wing people continuing to claim coronavirus existed, mostly because they are pushing some gibberish about Anthony Fauci being a Chinese agent. I say to them: “what is the difference between the coronavirus and the flu?”

Why did all-cause mortality not increase in 2020-21 if there was a disease pandemic?

It’s nonsense. They just renamed the flu. This is all just total lunacy, everything that is happening. They are chopping little boys’ dicks off claiming that their souls were put in the wrong body.

How does a soul get put in the wrong body? Who is doing this? It has to be some kind of ethereal entity which has the power to switch souls around – why don’t they come up with a plan to fight against this entity that is doing this soul-switching, instead of cutting children’s genitals up?

They won’t even describe this entity, or what the origins of its soul-swapping powers are. If this entity exists, we should at least know its origins, and The Science should be open to building some kind of weapon to destroy it so it stops switching people’s souls around.

The Ukraine is not a democracy, and they are not going to take back Crimea from Russia.

This is all utter gobbledygook.

Never forget: the same people are telling you all of these things:

  • Coronavirus pandemic
  • Safe and effective vaccines
  • Global warming
  • Child trannies
  • George Floyd was murdered
  • The Ukraine is a democracy
  • Jews are victims
  • Taiwan is an independent country
  • Women never lie
  • Children are homosexuals
  • Blacks only commit so many crimes because people are mean to them
  • Joe Biden is mentally fit and making serious decisions
  • Black people have the same intelligence as whites and the only reason they fail at everything is that there is a secret conspiracy against them
  • Abortion is healthcare

And on and on.

Everything they say is a lie.

Like the Man said:

Jesus was speaking to members of a Middle Eastern cult practicing in Palestine which we now refer to as “The Jews.”

These people also tell you “Jesus was a Jew,” which makes no sense. Rabbinical Judaism did not exist when Jesus was alive. The Israelites were white people, basically Greeks, and the Pharisees were a cult within the Abrahamic faith. Most Israelites converted to Christianity. This small sect, which Jesus said was satanic – He didn’t stutter – created a new religion after Jesus’ death based on hating on Jesus, and that is now called “Judaism.”

We are dealing with the same issue now: lying sons of Satan who just go around lying about everything and trying to ruin everyone’s life.

All I ever did was say it, and joke about it, and you see what’s happened to me.

Listen – they are telling you to eat bugs and soy.

They are telling you not to work out because being physically healthy will make you want to exterminate the Jews.

They are saying fat people are healthy – while telling you not to go to the gym because you will become a Nazi!

They tell you retards are sexy!

“Jack off to this sexy retard, goy! She is so hot! After you blow your hot cum load, have a jerk to this 10-year-old boy dressed up like a girl!

“Safe and effective, goy! Stay home and jack off to retards and homosexual children so you don’t change the weather by driving around in your truck, goy!”

Yes – Forbes, in an article written by one Dawn Ennis, used the word “hotness” to describe a 10-year-old boy dressed up like a girl!

Look at this little boy!

Why is no one protecting him???

What the hell is going on???

Everything they say is a lie! Outright!

Aside from who/what/when/where/how (notice I skipped “why”), which they still do generally tell you in most situations, any type of information that Jews give you is a lie. Maybe you can find some exception to the rule – but that’s all it is, an exception to the rule.

Someone came at me like this the other day when defending the $150 million Alex Jones is ordered to give to the Jews:

“Oh so what about asbestos???”

Firstly, that’s retarded. Secondly, if Jews started running nonstop headlines in all media about how dangerous asbestos is – if I saw “Asbestos danger!” at the top of the New York Times, and CNN’s Jake Tapper was doing special reports on the dangers of asbestos – yes, actually, that would give me pause.

But it won’t give me pause, because NYT and CNN are not doing special reports on the dangers of asbestos – they are doing special reports on the dangers of “misinformation,” “domestic terrorism,” “anti-Semitism,” “The Coronavirus,” and “global warming.”

“If the Jews told the truth, would you believe them?” is the dumbest question I’ve ever heard in my life.

It’s like saying (with snarky condescension): “You say dogs don’t talk, but if you were at a bar and a dog came up to you and started talking about 19th century Russian literature, would you buy him a beer? Because if not, then you’re really a hypocrite. The coronavirus vaccine is safe, by the way.”

I asked him for a real example of something the Jews tell the truth about, and got nothing.

Jews don’t tell the truth, because they’re Jews.


I disbelieve everything the Jews say on principle.

The same snarky fedora dweeb then said “oh, but which Jews do you mean?” This is another stupid trick to try to confuse morons. I mean “The Jews.” I mean “The Jewish Narrative” which is all around you, all the time, coming through every media outlet.

I generally like Glenn Greenwald, who is Jewish – but he is saying the opposite of everything that is said on New York Times, CNN, and all of the outlets underneath those. There is an obvious, undeniable, constantly driving narrative being pushed on all of us all of the time and every part of it is wrong, and it is purposefully wrong – it is all Jewish lies.

Anyone who acts like they don’t understand the concept of a “Jewish media narrative” is either very stupid, totally brainwashed, or lying to you on purpose (or some combination of those three things).

Certainly, there are still people in the media who tell partial truths. For now, those people exist. Tucker Carlson is the main example. But firstly, Tucker Carlson does not tell the whole truth. Secondly, the entire establishment Jew media is constantly trying to get Tucker fired. CNN had a whole show devoted to getting Tucker Carlson fired – I don’t mean a whole episode, I mean a whole weekly show. It was called “Reliable Source” with Brian Stelter. They canceled it because everyone was repulsed by it. On that show and on other shows CNN has constantly called for cable companies to block Fox News because Tucker Carlson is spreading dangerous disinformation. The New York Times has done multiple “special reports” on how Tucker Carlson is evil. So, because he tells some truth, you see that the narrative targets him.

It should also be noted that Tucker Carlson is the most popular TV news host in the English-speaking world. That is because people really like truth. Naturally, people are drawn to the truth, because it is their nature, as beings with souls created by God.

It takes much energy to keep these lies together. Lies are always supported by other lies.

The purpose, basically, is just evilness. There’s not really a better explanation other than the one Jesus gave: Jews lie because they are satanic.

Of course, low frequency people will say: “if God is good why does evil exist?” It is simple: we have free will, and when we choose not to follow God’s orders, “evil” is what we call the results. In order for free will to exist, evil has to exist. “Evil” simply amounts to – and can be defined as – “rebellion against God that causes human suffering.” The Jews are in a constant rebellion against God, because their entire identity is based around hating Jesus Christ, who is God made flesh. Therefore, all major evil comes from the Jews.

You might create a little evil. Maybe you cheat on your wife and your kids find out and start crying and stop trusting you. You’ve done something wrong, and you’ve created suffering. But that is very limited in scale, and you can repent and correct it. And, even if you do it again, you can still repent and correct it, because you want to do the right thing, and you just fell into temptation and made bad decisions.

But the Jews are doing this on purpose. They are not simply slipping up and making bad decisions, they literally hate God. Their holy book, the Talmud, says that Jesus’ mother was a whore, and that He is in Hell boiling in a vat of feces. That’s true, by the way. There is a Wikipedia page about “Jesus in the Talmud,” and Jews keep editing it and removing quotes and trying to say that they are talking about “the other Jesus.”

Maybe they meant Jesus Aguilar of the Miami Marlins.

If so, I don’t think they should be calling his mother a whore either. Also, he does not look like his father was a Roman soldier. I don’t believe that at all!

The basic fact is that the Jews wallow in our own sin, and we are the only ones who are able to stop sinning. Your life will be better if you repent of sin and embrace Christ, and when enough people do that, the Jews will be banned.

What should be the easiest part is to stop believing lies. There is a direct connection between these two thing – embracing sin and believing in lies. I still sin myself, but I recognize it as sin, and ask for forgiveness from God for committing such acts. It’s impossible to not sin ever in your life, and it is much harder now. As The Boss once said: it’s so hard to be a saint in the city.”

Honestly, I have no idea what to do about fornication (a mortal sin) when marriage is impossible. The answer is of course celibacy, but this is very difficult, especially for young men. I’m not going to justify it, but I legitimately don’t know what you’re supposed to do. I guess you are supposed to get married and just pray for God’s mercy. But I’m not going to talk about something I can’t figure out myself.

In general: don’t be too hard on yourself if you still sin. The first thing is to recognize it as sin. That’s most of the battle. God will forgive you if you acknowledge the crime as a crime. The worst thing is to be stuck in a place where you are telling yourself that your sin is not actually sin, and in that situation, you are lying to yourself, and so you are going to believe other people’s lies – specifically, Jew lies.

I interrogate people who support the vaccine, or Ukraine democracy, or some other idiotic Jew hoax, and they will always eventually admit that they don’t believe their sin is actually sin. Most of the boomers who worship the Jews as a part of “Evangelical Christian Zionism” are visibly obese, yet do not recognize the sin of gluttony. Many are also divorced, and claim it was justified (it is never justified). Most of them, probably, watch pornography. The Ukraine flag people are all into gay sex and possibly even worse (child gay sex).

This is the reality: there is light and darkness, and as a human being on the earth, you are walking between the two. The Darkness is the way of lies. If you lie to yourself, you end up in the darkness, you end up believing lies, you end up becoming a liar, you end up separated from God. Your life is misery and you go to Hell. None of these people are happy. Just go look at the Ukraine people on Twitter. Ask yourself if this looks like a person living a normal life.

Everyone is a few bad decisions away from ending up engaging in a terrorist attack on a gas station because they gobbled up some Jewish gibberish about driving cars causing an apocalypse. The only thing any of us can do is get up every day and do the right thing. That’s all the power we have. For me, that is writing this website, telling the truth, and accepting the consequences, trusting that God will take care of me.

Outside of sin, the eater of truth is fear, which men will use to justify bad decisions. You can’t be afraid of outcomes when making decisions – you have to make the right decision, without considering the outcome. In the current situation, with these Jews in the government coming down hard, everyone is going to have images of ending up in some nightmare gulag. But you can’t embrace the fear. You have to trust that whatever happens, whatever they do to you, God will be with you, and carry you through.

The things I’ve been through – if I live to see the end of this thing, I will publish it all. It’s been something nuts. But hey, you know – things are tough all over. Worse things have happened to better men than I, I am certain. And I’m still here, and I probably will be here. I don’t know it for a fact, but I’ve come to suspect that God has sat me here on this website to keep telling the truth all the way through to the end. It’s a blessing and a curse, like everything else, but all I ever focus on is the fact that I’m going to die, and when I do, the only thing that will matter is the good I was able to do. I know, without any shred of doubt, that when I die, I will find myself before the Throne of God, and I will be instructed to explain everything I did in this life.

We exist. There must be meaning.

Going back to dumb lies of the Jews – they tell you that matter created itself from nothing for no reason, in a gigantic explosion, then the pieces of matter spinning through space organized itself, then bacteria somehow created itself for no reason, then the bacteria started changing into different animals for no reason, then animals turned into people, and for no reason people developed conscious knowledge of self.

This all sounds like the ramblings of a mentally ill person. They will try to shame you as being “ignorant” for not believing this story of man’s origins, and claim that a universal consciousness, of which we are all a part – that is to say, God – is some kind of ridiculous concept.

Here’s the real truth: these fedoras want to talk about “sky daddy” and “flying spaghetti monster.” In actual fact, the Christian religion says that all things are a part of an infinite single entity, which has always existed and always will exist.

As a kid, evangelical heretics tried to tell me that God was some kind of thing that exists outside of the universe, and that claiming that all things are a part of God – including each of us – is some kind of pantheism or Buddhism or something. Funny how that plays directly into the “sky daddy” gibberish of these faggots from reddit, no?

In actual fact: the Bible says over and over, from the Old Testament up through the Testament of Saint Paul, that God is not separate from anything, and that everything that exists is encompassed in the Body of God.

The Old Testament is more primitive, using more metaphorical language, while the New Testament is the peak of Greek philosophy, but all says that we all consist of a singular infinite living universe that we call “God,” and which relates to us in a way we are able to understand.

Which makes more logical sense: an infinite consciousness which has always existed, which is capable of creating images of itself – that is to say, conscious, rational agents – and guide them for the purpose of manifesting experience, or a dead universe that popped out of nowhere then somehow created life from dead matter?

This is the the thing: when the Bible says “man is created in the image of God,” it means that we are conscious agents capable of rational thought. It doesn’t mean God’s body is shaped like a man’s body.

It is simply obvious that God exists. Reality itself bears testament to the existence of God. Anyone who would deny it is embracing a delusion for weird purposes. Therefore, if God exists, then life has meaning, and the only possible meaning life can have for any of us is in our decisions, because that is all we are able to do – to make personal decisions. The weight of these decisions then must be of great magnitude, for these decisions are the purpose of our entire existence in the universe, they are the reason God created us.

Say it with me:

Lord, grant me the strength to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.

That’s all there is.

All of this gibberish from the Jews, with the evil that surrounds us – this is terrain for our souls to navigate.

You will die.

Remember that, always.

The spirit will exit the flesh, your body will be put in the ground, and it will be eaten by worms.

Something is going to happen to the animating spirit that resides in this mortal coil when the flesh gives out.

When your body is being eaten by worms, your wealth will not matter, the pleasures you felt will not matter, the fears that haunted you will not matter. All of that will rot with your corpse.

As the flesh rots, the only thing that will remain, hanging forever in the records of eternity, are the decisions you made.

Believe it.