These Palestine Protesters Need to Wise-Up and Admit Anglin was Right All Along

FIRE wouldn’t defend me, which means it’s a useless, slob organization.

I was on the frontlines of free speech. Still am, actually. I did it on purpose. You can go read the stuff that got me shut down all those years ago (it’s 7 years ago now), and you can see that I was purposefully agitating in the name of freedom of speech, as much as I was agitating for anything else. (It was clear to me, as soon as I figured out these problems in the world, that as long as we had free speech, we could basically convince 40% of the population, and then force a bloodless revolution – but they don’t let you do that, eh? Someone should have told me the real rules. I would have developed a totally separate set of skills, and become a [REDACTED].)

Once it happened to me, it was bound to happen to every single critic of the system who is not handpicked to be allowed to speak as a purposeful distraction tactic. This whole Palestine thing has created a flaw in the system, where the people who are supposed to be enforcing the system are now calling for the Jews to be pushed into the sea. But the solution is the same: you just shut it all down.

FIRE will make a couple of comments, then what?

New York Post:

Universities are increasingly using the devastating war between Israel and Hamas as an excuse to curb free speech on campus, according to a watchdog group.

Free speech on campus declined in 2023 according to the Foundation for Individual Rights and Expression.

In their 2024 report, FIRE said 20% of schools had received a “red light” ranking indicating a university has at least one policy that both clearly and substantially restricts freedom of speech.

A further 65% of schools had a “yellow light” ranking from FIRE, indicating “that an institution maintains policies that restrict a more limited amount of protected expression or that, by virtue of their vague wording, they could too easily be used to restrict protected expression.”

I stand with these belligerent niggers and screaming sluts, unapologetically.

I will march with any single group of people on earth chanting “From the River to the Sea.”

They are of course too retarded to have stood with me. Most of these miscreants weren’t even aware that Israel is a genocide state until last October when they started seeing these pictures of babies being blown to bits. Conversely, I’ve been publicly calling for the total liberation of Palestine and pushing Jews into the sea for 15 years.

At some point, these Palestine protesters are going to have to understand…

They’re locked in here with me.

I am the Alpha Antisemite, and I am the only person with a solution to the Palestine slaughter: we have to remove the Jews from Washington, DC. That is the only solution. Israel does not have the ability to defend itself, at all. If the US Jews stopped funneling weapons and cash to the Israel Jews, if the State Department Jews stopped sending forces to the region to protect Israel Jews, then inside of 48 hours, the Ayatollah would be leading Hamas in prayer on the streets of West Jerusalem.

Talking about Israel as a relevant actor is totally without purpose. It is not, in itself, a relevant actor. All actions that Israel takes are only possible because of the United States. It’s almost self-defeating to be protesting Israel at all. If these people had any basic idea what was going on, they would be protesting at the State Department, on Wall Street, in Times Square, in Hollywood. They would be calling for the resignation of all Jews in the US government, and for the Jews in banking and media to be arrested and imprisoned as revolutionary agents of a foreign power.

This is the bottom line: there is no solution to the Israel problem other than a solution to the problem of the Jewish dominion over the United States.

At least, there is no solution you can protest in the name of. Maybe Erdogan will get Sisi on side, and they’ll march on Jerusalem. Maybe Russia and China will bait Jake Sullivan into invading Iran, and decimate the Imperial Forces. Maybe both. But these are not political solutions that you can call for at a political protest. These are military solutions, that are manifest as a result of men with power making decisions. (Maybe the Egyptians could be protesting and demanding that Sisi march into Gaza and fight the Jews, but that’s not what we’re talking about. American university students can’t effectively agitate for military actions by Turkey or Egypt.)

These Palestine protesters need to knuckle-up and admit that Anglin was right and the solution to every problem is clearing out all of these Jews, arresting them, prosecuting them, sanctioning them, and deporting them back to Poland and the Ukraine.