They are Definitely Serious About Making You Eat Bugs

They’ve really started to push this “eat the bugs” thing hard.

LinkedIn has their own news story section now, where they take a news item and then have curated comments from users on the topic.

This is the news item, which was pulled from a Guardian story earlier this month:

Mealworm burgers, flour and other products could be coming to supermarkets across Europe after the EU’s food safety agency ruled that the insects are fit for human consumption. The sale of insect food products has been prohibited in France, Germany and some other European countries, though edible insect products have been sold on a small scale in some countries, including the UK. Proponents of edible insects point to their relatively high protein content and less resource-intensive production than traditional livestock, and point to widespread consumption in much of the world.

Here are the users commenting on it:

So, I don’t really know what to tell you.

This is something which is happening: the ruling elite want you to eat bugs.

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I don’t really believe this is about cow farts or whatever.

I think this is just pure sadism. The ruling elite want to humiliate you.

That is kind of the bigger problem with the technocracy agenda. You have these people who legitimately just want this technological future society, where everyone lives forever and is a cyborg genius. But then you also have a lot of people in the elite who are just sadistic freaks, who basically hate human beings.

With the whole “global warming” thing – the obvious solution to that, if it was a real problem (and it isn’t) would be a scientific solution. You would figure out a way to geo-engineer the planet to get the climate you wanted. People have been talking about turning deserts into farmland for almost 100 years. There are all kinds of promising technologies on that front, but no money is being put into them, because it wouldn’t serve the purpose of controlling your life.

That would be a lot easier than trying to figure out zero-point energy, or whatever it is they’re saying they’re trying to do.

It’s all just lies upon lies.