They are Still Saying “Keev”

I watched some TV on Sunday, which was a mistake. But sometimes, you want to turn on the Sunday shows, just to check the tone.

The anti-Biden thing is real, and was a bit shocking. It seems to be getting more extreme. Apparently, some strategists in DC have decided that the Democrats will do better in the midterms if they all attack Joe Biden and say they have no relationship to his lunatic agendas. It’s obviously the opposite – Joe Biden has no relationship to his lunatic agendas, Joe Biden doesn’t even know where he is most of the time. But okay, whatever – maybe pretending Joe Biden is making all these horrible decisions himself without the input of the party at large will play well for them.

I think it’s basically an act of total desperation to throw Biden under the bus. I don’t think it was exactly planned. I don’t think they thought this would turn into this big of a disaster. At the same time, I think they knew it was possible, which is why they forced through Joe Biden as the nominee, even when they were going to cheat regardless so it didn’t really matter who the candidate was (except that they wouldn’t tolerate Bernie). Joe obviously can’t defend himself. Anyone else would be trying to push back against his entire party blaming him for a bunch of decisions he didn’t have any role in making.

This was from last Sunday, and is sort of the epitome of what is going on, as AOC is the face of the party:

It’s a bizarre plan, which I’ve never seen before, to have the party and the party’s media throwing the president under the bus as a midterms strategy. I’m trying to think if it’s what I would do if I were them, and I probably would. I don’t really see any other course of action to boost support other than to either completely change course (which they are not going to do) or just blame it all on Biden.

If Biden was conscious, he would probably pull something out like “it’s time to cancel all student loan debt.” That would actually be popular, and something that would make sense as a midterm promise. But that Democrat talking point that is actually popular is nowhere to be seen when they are actually in power – all we get is war, inflation, food shortages, and many other things people hate. The issues that play to the base are largely irrelevant to anyone’s normal life – gun control is purely emotional, and it doesn’t seem particularly important when you can barely pay for gas and food – or if you’re in an income bracket where tax and food don’t matter and you’re watching the stock market collapse. None of these emotional abstractions matter.

I think there is going to be a backlash against the war at some point, because the Democrats themselves have blamed rising prices on their own war. Republicans – who all also support the war – are saying that Biden is lying when he blames the war for rising prices. I wouldn’t go so far as to say “it’s complicated” – the biggest cause of inflation is the coronavirus money-printing bonanza, most of which happened under Trump’s government. Then you have the Biden spending and attacks on the energy industry. But saying that these anti-Russia sanctions are not causing a rise in prices is just wrong.

These sanctions are causing a rise in energy costs across the board, which is an “everything tax,” because everything is transported using trucks that use gasoline. And of course the energy markets are all tied together, so these sanctions mean that home heating/cooling explodes too. Everything goes up (except the stock market and crypto, lol).

This is the gas price chart:

So when Republicans say “it’s not Putin’s price hike” – that’s true, but not in the way they mean it. Obviously, Putin didn’t sanction Russia. Joe Biden sanctioned Russia. The claim that Biden had no choice but to sanction Russia in response to the Ukraine invasion is obviously wrong – he could have just done nothing at all.

But the Republicans who claim that the rising prices have nothing to do with Biden’s sanctions on Russia are just lying in the most ridiculous way imaginable.

It’s also funny that Biden can’t ever say “it was Trump who printed all that money for the coronavirus hoax!”

Anyway, it’s all just retarded. It’s too retarded to even think about, frankly.

But I was shocked yet again Sunday morning to hear these people saying “Keev” in reference to Kiev. It was bad enough when they changed “The Ukraine” to “Ukraine.” But changing the pronunciation of the word from the English pronunciation is just too much.

You know, we hear all of this stuff about the poor Mexicans. It’s a main talking point. Now, can you imagine, if out of respect for oppressed immigrants, the entire media, all at once, started calling Mexico “Meh-hee-ko”?

Because that would be the exact same thing. Literally, it would be the exact analog of saying “Keev.” Telling people that it is important to pronounce the locations of suffering people in their own language is like…. look, it’s like applying gender pronouns to geopolitics.

This is behavior programming – if you get people to start changing their behavior, including their language, they are more submissive to you after they’ve agreed to submit to the behavior change. Any person who actually started saying “Keev” instead of Kiev is going to be much more committed to the war than someone who refused to change the way they pronounced a word.

Honestly, I think they could do “Meh-hee-ko” at this point and no one would flinch. I kind of hope they do, just because it would be funny to me. “Keev” just makes me sick, but “Meh-hee-ko” would be funny.