The Ukraine to Send Medically-Exempted Men to the Frontlines

It was obvious when you saw captured units with 14-year-olds standing next to men in their 60s that the Ukraine was scraping the bottom of the barrel in terms of warm bodies to throw into the meat grinder.

Now they’re sending cripples, retards, and men with cancer.


Ukrainian police and Security Service (SBU) said on Tuesday they had discovered a large-scale conspiracy in 11 regions and the capital to issue fraudulent medical exemption certificates to men seeking to avoid mobilization.

The Prosecutor-General’s Office announced that 100 offices and residences in Kiev, Kiev Region, Odessa, Transcarpathia, Poltava, Vinnitsa, Cherkasy, Chernigov, Lviv, Zhytomyr, and Ivano-Frankovsk had been searched as part of the investigation into the scheme.

Prosecutors claim that officials in regional recruitment centers teamed up with members of military-medical commissions to create “a scheme for issuing certificates declaring men unfit for military service due to their health” and had them removed from the draft register.

The conspirators allegedly charged an average of $6,000 dollars for the “service,” after which their ‘clients’ did not even present for medical exams, based on the absence of any electronic medical records, the prosecutors claimed. The recipients then used these fraudulent medical exemptions to flee Ukraine.

During searches of doctors’ offices, recruitment centers and residences of suspected draft dodgers, the police seized “medical records, logs of registration of medical findings, patient certificates, [and] other medical and accounting documents.”

The government in Kiev has ordered several waves of conscription since the hostilities with Russia escalated in February 2022. In late June, recruitment centers in several regions stopped sending individual summons, issuing instead blanket notifications to all men of military age.

Obviously, this can’t go on much longer as it is.

The fear, clearly, is that when every “Ukrainian” male is dead, that will be the point at which Poland and others decide to send in men to do the fighting.

If I were Poland, I would totally switch this up and offer to leave NATO if Russia gave me control of the (now mostly empty) western half of the Ukraine.

That would be the logical move, obviously. Their goal from the beginning has been to expand their territory. You people don’t know this, but I know Polish nationalists – they are like the Jews with their “Greater Israel” agenda. They want to control “sea to sea” – i.e., Baltic Sea to Black Sea.

Russia is the one in the position to make this dream come true. Germany isn’t going to give them Galicia.

But Poles have never been known for their logic.