This New Movie is Called “Cuck” and is About Evil Redpilled Goy

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 14, 2019

So I watched this trailer a couple of times and I don’t really know what it is about, exactly.

It seems like it’s about a fat white guy who loses everything and his life is complete shit, but then people on YouTube tell him it’s the fault of immigrants and Jews (true fact in real life, but I’m sure in the movie it isn’t). But then there is also apparently a secondary plot where he is making cuckold porn for some reason.

Then some guy on the internet tells him to start murdering people.

Not particularly subtle.

I mean, I am watching these Joker trailers and thinking “not particularly subtle,” but this is taking “total lack of subtlety” to an entirely new realm.

The poster is sad looking.

Got the QAnon and the Pepe the Frog there.

Looking at the film’s IMDb page, I don’t know who any of these people are that made it or are acting in it.

So I guess this is just another weird Jewish thing to – hold your breath and wait for it – mock and humiliate white people.

They’re saying it’s going to have a theatrical release on October 4th. I’m skeptical about the “theatrical” part of that claim.

Jews should pay me to make a movie like this called “Redpilled Incel Massacre.”

It will follow basically the same plot as this “Cuck” trailer, except there won’t be the side plot with the porno thing, which doesn’t even make sense anyway. It will just be about some guy who is broke as hell with no job who hates niggers and immigrants and his fat girlfriend is a whore, so then he gets together with a bunch of people from YouTube comments sections and they go on a massive murder rampage killing nonwhites and women with bazookas and chainsaws and like, swords and Chinese throwing stars and katanas and all kinds of crap. Running people over with trucks and everything.

And then it will show, like, Mexican children wrapped in aluminum foil blankets and crying, and some Indian guy on the road crying and a black child who can’t afford school books and some teenage girl diagnosed with cervical cancer from HPV.

And then at the finale, it will flash to me, the writer and director, sitting in a swivel chair and I’ll be like “see, this is why white people are evil,” as I try to keep a straight face and then just crack up laughing while holding the bridge of my nose and trying to sip coffee.