Three Machete-Wielding People of Color (Formerly “Colored People” or “Coloreds”) Enrich Unspecified Man at Times Square McDonald’s in CD Dispute

I don’t know about you niggers, but when I go to McDonald’s, I’m looking for some serious monkey business.

But I mean, stabbing both legs?

And… stabbed with a machete…?

Don’t machetes usually, you know, slice…?

New York Post:

A man was stabbed in both legs by three men believed to be wielding a machete outside a Times Square McDonald’s on Thursday afternoon, law enforcement sources said.

Cops arrested the three men who allegedly carried out the attack. Their names have not been released.

Law enforcement sources say the stabbing was tied to a group of scammers who sell compact discs to unsuspecting tourists in a shameless cash grab.

Wait, what?

What does that sentence mean?

Seriously, what? Compact discs? Shamelessly?

I don’t understand. I’m just going to stop thinking about that sentence now.

It’s pretty epic that Americans are getting into machetes.

I want to make a “reject modernity – embrace tradition” meme with a POS Cal-Tek and a machete.

I should just make the meme, but like, I spent too much time writing some retarded satire article that wasn’t even meant to make the reader laugh, but rather designed to make me laugh at the reader.

Really irresponsible behavior on my part.

But I think the article about voting being a satanic pact with the devil to give consent to be ruled was a good start of a new arc.

I’m declaring war on politics, totally.

I’m going to metaphorically stab both legs of the political paradigm with a machete.

The train left the station today, on June 1, 2024.

Or is it the 31st of May…?

My watch says it’s the 31st, but you know how that goes (I do not use a fag digital watch).

I can’t ever remember which months are which lengths. Some snooty French hipster I met in Marrakesh did some thing with his knuckles that made it so you could remember how many days are in a month, but I didn’t really understand it. I just understood that I should have been taught it in school.

I’ve accepted that I will only ever remember the number of days that are in February.