TikTokers Travel to Philly to Glimpse Junkie Zombie Apocalypse

Man, I love me some “Philly Candid Camera.”

I show this video to everyone I meet who has these delusions about the United States being anything other than a cesspit.

I say: “Obviously, not every city looks like this, but what the hell kind of country lets any city look like this?”

The general response is: “Yeah, if we had a city like this in my country, the government would send in the military…”

I remember being shocked by Athens, Greece, in 2011, that there were junkies on the street. But Philly 2023 makes Athens 2011 look like Green Acres 1966.

The Guardian:

Sarah Laurel, a harm-reduction professional, sat behind her desk and asked the man who walked into her store how much he’d been paid to be in a viral video she’d recently watched.

The man was an active substance user, struggling with addiction, who had probably taken drugs on the streets of Kensington, Philadelphia, earlier that morning. His answer was $50.

Sarah laughed and said that was more than usual.

Since 2021, Kensington, a low-income neighborhood in North Philadelphia, has been ground zero for a new and dangerous sedative called “tranq”. Also known as “xylazine”, a side-effect of this drug can be struggling to stand upright, which is why users are commonly described in the media as “zombies”. People taking it can also develop severe flesh-eating wounds.

Xylazine has only been approved for veterinary use, and because it’s not an opioid, its effects cannot be reversed by emergency medication like Narcan, resulting in more fatalities. The percentage of deadly opioid overdoses in which it was detected rose by 276% between January 2019 and June 2022, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently reported.

Rapidly, the use of the sedative has spread across the US, spiking in areas such as Philadelphia, where it is cut with other potent drugs like fentanyl.

Now, though, a new and unique problem seems to be affecting areas where the drug is showing up: a dark and voyeuristic type of content creation referred to as “tranq tourism”. This adjacent social media industry is becoming so prevalent it has even been the subject of a News Movement documentary.

In viral videos uploaded to social channels such as TikTok, tranq users are filmed when they are in a physical state in which they are unlikely to be able to consent. In some, they are asked questions about their private life or situations in a probing way that plays on their vulnerability. The videos are filmed by content creators, some of whom just visit the area for a short while and then monetize the views.

There are over 150 channels dedicated to Kensington and all the things that take place here,” said Sarah Laurel, founder of Savage Sisters, a non-profit in Kensington supporting those affected by substance disorders.

The group offers resources like wound care, showers and daily supplies from their storefront on Kensington Avenue.

People need to stop coming into our community and exploiting us and profiting off what we are going through. Interviewing individuals one-on-one and asking them such traumatizing questions at a street-level basis with no follow-up care will never be OK,” Laurel adds.

If you’re not here to help, just get out.”

Other viral videos that document tranq in Kensington specifically show people lying on the floor or zoom in on users who have taken the drug, labeling them “zombies”, “junkies” or “fiends”. The faces of individuals in these videos are rarely blurred out, and #Kenzingtonzombies now has millions of views.

As everyone understands it, the Democrats have promised us a utopia. That’s what all of these policy programs they do amount to: solving problems intrinsic to human nature in order to create a utopian society.

Even if you believed every detail of the George Floyd murder hoax, the natural response would be: “It’s tough that racism exists, but we’re gonna see that justice is done to the perpetrator.” You could even say “we’re going to throw the book at him and make an example out of him to try to ensure these kinds of racist murders don’t happen again.”

The natural response would not be: “Every white person is responsible for this because of inherent flaws in their DNA, so we’re going to burn down cities and legalize black crime and replace most of the characters in entertainment media and advertisement with black people, and end racism forever.” Only a person promoting a utopia would make these sorts of lunatic declarations and then go on to act on them.

There are many such examples of the American left claiming they are going to change human nature. The Ukraine conflict is another good example, where they claimed they could ensure that violence is never used to solve a problem ever again if they stopped Putin.

This is the fundamental difference between right and left in the Western world: rightists believe in God and believe that man is imperfect and thus the world can never be made perfect on this earth. Leftists believe in “humanity” and their own ability to create a paradise on earth.

So the question is: does the situation in Philly look like something you would come across on The Road to Utopia?

Or does it seem more like something you’d find in that sickening dead race traitor Cormack McCarthy’s porno “novel”* The Road?

*It’s not a novel.