Tennessee: Satan Club Opens at Elementary School Because of the Constitution

It’s because of the Constitution.

There is “gun control” and “civil rights,” and both things mean that the Constitution is a totally worthless piece of paper, but also, the Constitution means your kids have to worship Satan.

New York Post:

An “After School Satan Club” is slated to start at a Tennessee elementary school — much to the dismay of district leaders who acknowledge they lack legal options to stop the controversial program.

Already active in a handful of states, the program hosted by The Satanic Temple is scheduled to begin at Chimneyrock Elementary School when students return from holiday break.

Memphis-Shelby County Schools Interim Superintendent Toni Williams slammed the incoming program, but said there’s not much she can do to stop it.

“I want to assure you that I do not endorse, I do not support the beliefs of this organization at the center of recent headlines,” Williams said during a press conference streamed on WREG. “I do, however, support the law. As a superintendent, I am duty-bound to uphold our board policy, state laws and the Constitution.”

I hear a woman say she supports the law and the Constitution and I’m skeptical.

Then I see her picture.

Memphis-Shelby County Schools Interim Superintendent Toni Williams

That doesn’t look like a law supporter to me.

Firstly, she’s black.

The after-school program was planned after parents expressed interest, campaign director June Everett told the station. It would take place in the library, but is not sponsored by the school district.

Attendance is optional at the after-school club that will offer science projects, community service, puzzles and nature activities.

“The Satanic Temple is a non-theistic religion that views Satan as a literary figure who represents a metaphorical construct of rejecting tyranny and championing the human mind and spirit,” the group claims, adding the club does not attempt to convert kids to any religious ideology.

The program is in a handful of states.

It’s a lie that it’s not really Satan worship. That is just their PR materials.

It’s the equivalent of inviting a girl over for “Netflix and Chill.”

I’m sure there are people who don’t understand what is going on, and think it is just some cutesy thing about hating Christianity, but that’s a really easy way for people who actually worship Satan (the real creature) to recruit people.

And they are recruiting kids to worship Satan. That’s what this is. And it is funded by the state.

Anyone who is talking about “The Constitution” in relationship to something like this just needs to be punched in the stomach. There is gun control in America. In Florida, they have antisemitism laws. The entire concept of “civil rights” ends freedom of association. We are way, way far away from the Constitution having any relevance at all to our system of government.

And obviously, even if you do think the Constitution is active, there is no reading of it that would support this. In context, “freedom of religion” means “various protestant sects are all allowed.” It doesn’t mean satanism. No one thinks that the Founding Fathers supported allowing satanism. No one thinks that, just like no one thinks they supported ending free association. According to the Constitution, you should be able to purchase and carry a machine pistol, concealed, everywhere you go – except on private property. The Second Amendment is federal law, meaning “gun control” is illegal. It’s all very black and white.

“Freedom of religion” is much less black and white, as there is cultural context, and the context of the writings of the Founding Fathers as to what they intended that to mean. But when Ron DeSantis is doing antisemitism laws, and putting people in jail for fliers talking about Jews, there is no Constitution, and no one can argue that there is one, so it should just be common sense that you don’t allow Satan at the school, because obviously no one thinks that is a good thing.