Today is Not My Best Day, Frankly

I am a very prolific writer and a very influential genius. However, we geniuses have good days and bad days.

This is especially true for me, given that I write thousands of words every day, and have done so for nearly a decade. No breaks and no brakes.

Today? Not my best day. Having a hard time pounding it out. These articles today are trash. Part of it is just the news cycle. Honestly, I don’t really have anything to say about the Ukraine democracy war until something happens. It was sort of a big deal that Joe Biden effectively declared war on China yesterday, but I wrote that up. Until someone says something else, I don’t have anything to add to what I wrote yesterday.

I could write about… black people? Come on, mate.

Anyway – did I tell you I post on Gab now? I’ve been shilling it so that people will bookmark it so they can find new domains. I am a major Rwanda respecter, and very much hope that holds, but none of these domains hold forever. I always update my Gab with the newest domain, so people should keep track of that so that when the site goes down, they can find our new spot.

So, slow day – I can recount some Gab posts, for those who don’t follow it, and hopefully convince a few people to bookmark it.

Firstly, we should talk about Ramzpaul, who is attacking Nick Fuentes. As the reader is aware, Ramzpaul has attacked me for like 8 years, claiming that I am a neo-Nazi. I am not a neo-Nazi, and have always denounced neo-Nazism as Jewish, feminist, homosexual, and full of fat people.

Ramzpaul on the other hand is literally a neo-Nazi.

As I wrote on Gab, Ramzpaul was close friends with the American Nazi Party leader Harold Covington.

I wrote:

Ramz’ friend Harold Covington was not just the leader of the American Nazi Party – he was also an utterly bizarre individual.

Covington was second in command at the ANP when it was run by the Jew Frank Collin (nee Cohen). Covington discovered pictures of Cohen fiddling young boys, and instead of immediately turning him in to the cops, Covington tried to use the photos to blackmail him.

After the ANP collapsed because it was so gay and Jewish, Covington moved to the UK and helped establish the neo-Nazi group Combat 18, which we now know has serious overlap with the satanic death cult the Order of Nine Angles.

He then came back to America and tried to reform the ANP but it was a disaster so he just became yet another fat moron on the internet promoting neo-Nazism – and a close friend of Ramz Paul.

If you look into Ramz Paul, you will find this all extremely weird. This is a person who was a close friend with one of the most infamous and long-active neo-Nazis ever, and yet he claimed that I was a fed because I was a neo-Nazi – despite the fact that I have never promoted neo-Nazism, and you can check my internet history going back over a decade denouncing neo-Nazism.

You tell me what’s going on here.

Here is one of the videos of Ramz with this individual:

I added:

Why do you think Ramz Paul shittalked me for like 8 years now and continues to refuse to debate me?

What kind of person shittalks someone for years on end and yet continues to duck confrontations?

Well, it’s probably because he can’t explain why he called me a neo-Nazi while being an avid promoter of the literal head of the American Nazi Party!

Someone mentioned that the ANP was the group that marched through Skokie, Illinois in 1978. In fact, Ramz’ friend was prominently photographed at the event:

I have no idea what Ramz’ game is, but given that he has continually attacked me and falsely defamed me as a neo-Nazi, while he was also continually promoting a literal costumed neo-Nazi – probably the single most prolific costumed neo-Nazi in all of history – it seems pretty disingenuous that he was making these claims about me. Again – while refusing to debate me and ducking out whenever I’ve tried to confront him.

If anyone gets through his defenses and actually gets a chance to confront him, they should also ask him why he plagiarized Pleasureman in his AmRen speech. Or, I guess we know why he plagiarized him – for the same reason he just copies my talking points while also denouncing me as a neo-Nazi – this is a person without the ability to think. Instead, you should ask him why he never apologized for plagiarizing Pleasureman.

I’ll just say it one more time: Ramz can catch me on the Killstream, any time. I’m always available to talk this out, and listen (without interruption) as to why he slandered me as a neo-Nazi and a fed while also promoting the literal leader of the American Nazi Party. I’d love to hear his side of the story, and give my side.

I explained when questioned why I do not support neo-Nazism:

These are the things you will find in neo-Nazi groups:

-Physical fatness
-(Also satanism)

I have never heard of any neo-Nazi group that didn’t have one or all of these things. Obviously, with the American Nazi Party you had a homosexual Jew as the leader. But you will find this in any of the modern groups as well.

-Everyone in Atomwaffen was having “sex” (sodomy) with the same Mexican tranny; they are also a satanic cult that engages in animal sacrifice
-TWP’s top commandant was a tranny (leader fat)
-TRS/NJP leader Mike Enoch (fat) had a Jew wife for his first 5 years as a neo-Nazi leader, and they are now much more concerned about promoting feminism than anything to do with white people (they are also just TWP 2.0)
-TRS’s “head of security” is on tape talking about sex with trannies
-Richard Spencer (fat) has consistently argued for homosexual acceptance and feminism (he is also apparently forming some kind of satanic cult religion)
-Ramz Paul is currently attacking America First in defense of feminism

Then you have the whole Ukraine situation, where their neo-Nazi group Azov is totally funded by Jews, fighting for Jews, armed by Israel, and filled with Jew members.

What you realize is that neo-Nazism is not really political. It is something where anti-social fat people, homosexuals, and people with terminal mommy issues act out anti-social fantasies.

I also posted a link to a very good thread from the Gamer Uprising forum:

Moving on…

I exposed the truth about the dark secrets going on in the Alt-Right:

The Quartering has still not contacted me for more details on this, which is frankly shocking.

I also commented on the calls from The Gateway Pundit for me to be even more censored than I already am:

It’s obvious why The Gateway Pundit homos would be so aggressively pro-censorship: there is zero chance they could compete in an uncensored environment. It’s their competitors that are being censored.

That said: it is incredible to see them just openly calling for more extreme censorship – as if Trump could have been censored if it hadn’t started with Daily Stormer.

The record of censorship stands for everyone to see: it started with Stormer, then ended up with the censoring of Trump. Now it’s just everyone that is censored – except The Gateway Pundit!

You can tell that homosexual cocksucker Jim Hoft I’m never going to forget that article he wrote against me.

Never, ever.

Today, I commented on horror movies:

There are many genres of horror. I am totally against the modern Jew horror, which is just gore and torture porn based on Jew Eli Roth’s films. It’s literally pornography.

I think a lot of the 70s-80s Stephen King adaptations were fun, including Pet Sematary (which was actually a made for TV movie that looks like it was filmed with a video camera even though it wasn’t).

Horror I’m also a fan of:

-John Carpenter
-Stuart Gordon (who was Jewish, but did some very fun Lovecraft adaptations, most prominent of which being Reanimator)
-David Cronenberg (also obviously Jewish, but probably my favorite of all from this era)
-George Romero’s zombie movies and the whole zombie era (Night of the Living Dead for example) were quite good
-I love Dario Argento, although he was hit or miss (though that’s a different thing completely, being foreign and very much art films)
-I love borderline horror action/sci-fi like Aliens and Predator

But yeah, basically, starting in the 70s and then definitely in the 80s, horror too a dive off a cliff and became just very Jewish. The definitive 80s horror movies were all “slashers” which were just gross and stupid. Frankly, I even hate the comedy ones – Evil Dead sucks, it’s Jewish and it sucks.

I am a huge fan of Vincent Price, who I think will always be the greatest horror figure of all time. Also big on Boris Karloff. Obviously, those are actors not directors, but both of them were such big stars that the studios built the films around them, so the directors were hired to make Price or Karloff movies.

And of course, many of Hitchcock’s films could be classified as horror. The TV show he produced was also good. And as far as classic TV shows – Twilight Zone is a favorite.

But I stay the hell away from modern horror, completely. This all just seems to be intended to inflict psychological damage on goyim. Everyone was saying that Squid Game was “gook Saw” and I avoided it until I saw Critical Drinker’s review (generally like his taste). It wasn’t even horror, just a very violent thriller. I now hold this as the best show of the Netflix era. The other one I love that is also probably considered horror is Netflix “Dark.” That’s also non-English (German) so I guess they can get away with not being as gay and racially-mixed. But Dark is really fantastic.

Overall, I would say 80s horror is cringe. Basically, Jews turned a fun and often thoughtful genre into gross pornography. Most of those slasher films had nude women in them, which is why teenagers went to see them (also because their GFs would cuddle them during jump scares, I’m sure). But Jason, Freddy, etc. are just Jew exploitation films.

And added:

Also on contemporary horror:

Midnight Mass is another one that is borderline horror. It was really good – you couldn’t tell if it was a Christian show or a satanic show (it’s made by an Irish Catholic who is married to a Jew). In the end, he pretty much left you with blue balls, not committing to either thing.

This isn’t really a spoiler: the vampire priest at the end says “it’s not about me – it’s about God.” And if he would have left it there, it would have actually been a good Christian show, with a lesson about people who use Christianity as a way to promote a selfish agenda, and the consequences of sin more generally. But then that wasn’t the end, and they had the woman (the director’s Jew wife) tell some voiceover story about how Heaven is actually like, Buddhist Nirvana or something.

I read a Catholic Priest’s review of the show, and he basically came to the exact same conclusion, saying it was right about sin but gave a weird and non-Christian interpretation of Heaven. My analysis is better than his because he didn’t point out that the tension of the show was what they were going to reveal as the philosophical message.

It literally felt like the Irish boy (who I don’t think is practicing and probably identifies as an atheist, but it’s still in his blood) wanted it to end with the priest recognizing that he destroyed everything by putting himself above God while telling himself he was doing God’s will and the Jew wife was like “well let me have a thing at the end where I completely attack Christian teaching.”

Still, even with the diversity (which the director is forced to do by Netflix and at least tried to make it make sense) and the blue balls failed ending, I think it’s a very well done show, and beats everything else on these streaming services (at least everything else in English) by a lot.

Frankly, the ending of Squid Game was totally retarded and the show had serious writing problems even before the ending. But that is just Asianism. They have an excuse – they’re Asians. Asians have a completely different literary tradition, which doesn’t have the same rules. All of the best Anime/Manga/nip vidya is from people who seriously studied Western literature. But then you also have people like Kojima who studied Western literature but were just so Asian they had to let weirdness takeover. If you look at Metal Gear Solid, the first one was really a European story, and they just got progressively more and more Asian. Then you ended up with Death Stranding, which is literally impenetrable.

Frankly, the Chinese are better at storytelling than the Koreans and Japs. John Woo is one of my favorites of all time. Of course he was from Hong Kong and educated in British schools, but the stuff Shanghai is making now is getting better and better. Meanwhile, even Kirosawa and other beloved figures of nip cinema are really weird.

So, that’s what’s going on over there.

You don’t have to sign up for Gab. Just bookmark my page.

The newest site is always at the top of the page, and in the sidebar.

As far as actually interacting with people on Gab – it’s okay, but can be kind of rough. There are some cool people. But I mean, it’s also like… it’s a new experience for me to be interacting with people on this level of just very uninformed about really anything, incapable of understanding jokes or parsing jokes from serious statements. It’s a strange feeling.

I guess it has helped to ground me, to understand just how stupid most people actually are. We converse on a pretty high level here on this site, all of my personal friends are able to follow along with me when I talk, people understand my jokes even if they don’t think they’re funny… it’s a whole other experience to interact with people who just have like, no idea what is even going on.

It’s been a good reminder for me, for sure. I think most of you would just find it annoying and probably confusing.