Big Wall Street Journal Piece Says “Elon has Gone Too Far,” Doesn’t Say How

The Wall Street Journal, a pro-war Jewish publication that used to be good, on Saturday accused Elon Musk of “going too far.”

The article, penned by Wall Street Jew-lover Tim Higgins, did not say where Elon went “too far.” It simply listed off some various comments he’s made, including the now infamous tweet from Wednesday where he said that Jewish groups push mass immigration and anti-white hatred and then cry out for help from whites when they are under attack by Arabs.

What no one is going to do is break down how it is factually incorrect that Jews do this. If Jews are not actually doing this, then Elon’s claims would be false, and these news outlets could simply explain how actually, the claims are factually incorrect.

None of them do that. I’ve read at least 50 news items about the Elon situation since the tweet. Not one of them has attempted to disprove Elon’s assertion, and in fact, none of them have even claimed it was “false.” They have called it a “conspiracy theory,” but none has said that it is “factually incorrect.”

That is because no one wants to say that it is untrue that Jews are doing this, because it is so easy to prove that they are.

If you just type “Jewish groups refugees” into a search engine, you’re going to see HAIS, a Jewish immigrationist group, and then thousands of news articles about that group and dozens or hundreds of other Jewish groups engaged in mass immigration advocacy and support.

Their directly political groups are even worse. Anyone can go on the website of the ADL or the SPLC, two of the most prominent Jewish anti-white hate groups in the United States, and find them pushing bizarre and extreme anti-white hatred, alongside demands for further mass nonwhite immigration.

In a documentary called “Alt-Right: Age of Rage,” SPLC official Mark Potok was interviewed at his office, and he had a chart on his wall tracking the displacement of white people.

This is their actual goal – to remove white people from their own countries.

It’s a hate agenda.

This agenda against whites and the Western world goes far beyond immigration and an anti-white hate agenda. Just think of any issue you are against, and you will find that Jews have dozens of groups designed to push for it.

Type “Jewish groups abortion.”

Type “Jewish groups gun control.”

It’s everything.

These people have an agenda.

Obviously, it’s not every single Jew, but we say “Italian mafia” or “British colonialists” because the character of those respective parties is Italian and British, respectively. It’s the same thing with the “Jewish anti-white and anti-Christian agenda.” We don’t say “every Jew is involved.” No one is saying that. No one would think we were saying that if the Jews weren’t constantly implying that.

I will say, however, when you see the backlash from the Jews, it sure does feel like just about every Jew is on more or less the same page, even if they are not all actively involved in the agenda. Certainly, when we see that at least 80% of Jews support more aggressive war in Gaza, we have to begin to wonder if there is something deeply wrong with the character of the Jews, as a group.

If you’re a Christian, it’s not hard to explain what is wrong with the group character of the Jews: these people killed Christ, and willingly brought down a curse on themselves and their children. As a Christian, that is enough of an explanation for their behavior for me.

If you’re not a Christian, explaining it is not too much more difficult, but requires you to look into the way they have operated for two thousand years, and the way they have bred selectively in order to create certain kinds of people. We know that they are genetically unique – the Jews themselves brag about this.

It’s not really very complicated.

The problem is that our society is totally dominated by Jews, and everything in the society is geared towards preventing people from thinking about Jews like this.