Trump Ordered CIA Mind Weapons Deployed Against the Chinese

Trump’s whole thing with China was that he wanted to compete with them economically. That’s what he ran on and I believe it’s what he actually wanted.

Then he went ahead and surrounded himself with lunatics like John Bolton and Mike Pompeo who wanted a war with the Chinese, to push for some kind of regime change.

That whole psycho US-backed color revolution Hong Kong riot thing happened under Trump’s watch, and was totally orchestrated by Pompeo. Trump never really even commented on it. He never went out there like a faggot and started talking about how Hong Kong should be independent because they love taking it up the ass and that’s a human right. But he also never tried to pull back Pompeo from massively escalating tensions with a peer competitor in an unhinged, weird manner.

I’m not surprised by this latest report.

I don’t know why it was leaked, but it’s probably to support Trump as someone who is “tough on China.”


Former US President Donald Trump authorized a secret CIA influence campaign aimed at smearing the Chinese government and turning public opinion against its leaders, Reuters reported on Thursday, citing ex-officials with knowledge of the operation.

According to the report, the CIA formed a team of operatives in 2019 who used fake internet identities to spread “negative narratives” about President Xi Jinping’s government and leak “disparaging intelligence” to foreign news outlets.

Among the narratives spread by the CIA on Chinese social media platforms were allegations that members of the ruling Communist Party were hiding money overseas. The Belt and Road Initiative, China’s global infrastructure development strategy, was also framed as “corrupt and wasteful.”

Imagine the US government having the nerve to frame anything any other government does as “corrupt and wasteful.”

The US officials who spoke to Reuters said the effort by the Trump administration was intended to “foment paranoia among top leaders” and force the government in Beijing to expend resources chasing up intrusions into its internet space.

We wanted them chasing ghosts,” one former official said. The sources described the operation as an American response to “years of aggressive covert efforts by China aimed at increasing its global influence.”

A CIA spokesperson contacted by Reuters declined to comment on the existence of the program.

A spokesperson for China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs told the outlet that the revelation proved that Washington uses public platforms “as weapons to spread false information and manipulate international public opinion.”

Yes, they do.

And the other thing they do: they ban anyone who disagrees with them from these platforms.

Maybe there would be an argument for not censoring American social media in China if it was free speech, and the Chinese could defend themselves. But what these people do is come into your country, take over your entire internet infrastructure, spam you with disinformation and then ban you from responding to it. In your own country.

They just dump sludge on you.

No country should allow American media, at all. There is no reason to. Even a free speech absolutist would have a hard time making the argument, given that these social media sites are such a one-way street. No one can defend themselves.

With China, I imagine the program was more aimed at China’s allies than China itself. Chinese internet is pretty well locked down. They don’t allow these shenanigans. But in Southeast Asia and with other Chinese allies, the populations read Facebook and just get inundated with fake news about China, nonstop. It’s a massive CIA program. They go so far as to make fake news segments in the local languages, made to resemble real local news, and invent crimes the Chinese are committing. It’s heinous.

In Bali, some hooker will say “did you hear the Chinese are kidnapping Bali people so they can eat them?”

That’s not even a good example. You hear even weirder shit than that. It’s just nonstop. The majority of any random SEA person’s Facebook feed is anti-Chinese propaganda, mixed with the normal color revolution stuff. These countries are ridiculous for not at least banning the main American social media platforms.

AI is no doubt making this all a lot worse, because it can just be told “make up a bunch of psycho shit about the Chinese and spam it on the Facebook feeds of the populations of their allies.”