Poll: Over 60% of Democrats Think Covid Isn’t Over

To be fair, on the question of “completely back to normal,” it’s sort of true that it will “never get back to normal.” That could mean different things to different people, of course, but on the basic level, things were changed during the Covid hoax that are never going to change back.

We still haven’t “gone back to normal” after 911. The government is still engaged in wholesale spying on the population, and you still have to take your shoes off at the airport.


Over half of Democrats do not believe the Covid-19 pandemic is over, new polling from Gallup has shown.

The poll found that only 41% of Democrats say the pandemic is over, versus 79% of Republicans and 63% of independent voters who think the same. At the same time, 57% of all US adults report that their lives have not returned to normal, and 43% expect they never will.

While those on the Left of the spectrum in particular have clung onto the belief that the pandemic is not over, the overall percentage of pandemic-fearing Americans actually rose to 47% last September before steadily falling to 41% today.

This attitude comes in spite of President Joe Biden telling CBS in September 2022 that the “pandemic is over”. He was met with immediate resistance from his own administration, as well as from the media and the public health establishment.

Press coverage has played a role in this partisan split over Covid, with Left-leaning mainstream outlets continuing to publish articles which raise fears over the persistent dangers of the disease. “Covid isn’t over, and we shouldn’t act like it is,” a letter run in the Washington Post declared just last month. “Covid is back, and the U.S. is unprepared for the next bug,” read a January headline from the same outlet’s editorial board. Also that month, the New Republic warned that “Democrats can’t keep ignoring Covid in 2024.”

It’s all such retarded bullshit.

Everything from virus pandemics to Tiananmen Massacres is some kind of massive hoax. They won’t explain the math of the Covid deaths. They won’t explain insider trading before October 7th. They won’t explain the relevance of the Ukraine war to American interests. They won’t explain why millions of people are marching across the border. Global warming is a hoax. They’re putting up windmills everywhere. Child trannies.

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