Trump Says Ukraine Should Get Loans Rather Than Free Money

Why should the Ukraine get any money? Why should the US not openly side with Russia against the terrorist state of the Ukraine?

Russia is the country with the commodities. They are the useful ally. They also happen to be in the right, morally.

I always say morality shouldn’t enter into political dealings, but when it comes to a terrorist state like the Ukraine, they could end up carrying out terrorist attacks all over the world. No one thinks Russia is going to do that.


The US should support offer loans and not unconditional aid to Ukraine and other countries it funds, Republican presidential candidate and former US President Donald Trump has said. He also admitted that while president he threatened to not protect NATO allies in case of a Russian attack, if they failed to increase defense spending to 2% of their GDP.

Speaking at a rally in South Carolina on Saturday, Trump slammed a proposed $118 billion security bill, $60 billion of which is earmarked for Ukraine. US lawmakers have struggled for months to approve the measure amid opposition from Republicans, who want to see more done to address the crisis on America’s southern border.

“They want to give like almost $100 billion to a few countries… I said why do we do this? You give it to them as a loan,” he said.

Trump conceded that the money might not be repaid, but suggested that if the recipients “go to another nation” and “drop us like a dog,” then the US could “simply… call the loan.” Ukraine, the former president suggested, “could make a deal with Russia in the next three weeks and all of a sudden they don’t want to deal with us anymore.”

He’s right that giving loans that can be called in would make a lot more sense than giving free money. Giving free money is just insane.

You think about it: even if one of your close personal friends is struggling, you don’t say “let me give you some free money,” you say “let me loan you some money.”

“Free money” is the stupidest concept ever. No one does free money.

Trump compared the current Ukraine situation to his often tense relations with NATO allies during his time as president. “I did the same thing with NATO. I got them to pay up… NATO was busted until I came along,” he claimed.

According to the former president, when one leader of an unnamed NATO country asked him whether Washington would protect them if they did not increase defense spending and were attacked by Russia, he replied in the negative.

”I said you didn’t pay, you’re delinquent… No, I would not protect you. In fact, I would encourage them to do whatever the hell they want. You got to pay your bills,” he said, adding that after that exchange, the money “came flowing.”

That part is much better.

Encourage Russia to do whatever the hell they want.

I would encourage Russia to do whatever they hell they want to every country in Europe, including the UK.

Whatever the hell Russia would want to do to these countries would be a lot better than what their current governments are doing to them!