The Ukraine Says Jet Ski Terrorist Attacks on Crimea are Key for Their Counteroffensive

Terrorism is something people do when they’re helpless.

And before “what about Hamas” – Hamas had a strategy to kick off a major war using a very inexpensive form of war that was available to them. Now they have the entire Islamic world at their back, ready to ride or die for Palestine.

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A swarm of Ukrainian jet skis races across the ocean under pitch black skies, visible only from the infra-red camera of a drone watching from above. They slow down as they approach the shore to avoid detection and hurry onto dry land.

Crimea will be Ukrainian,” one of the men says in video footage seen by CNN after landing, holding a Ukrainian flag.

No it won’t, faggot.

“Ukrainian” isn’t even a thing in the first place. You are Jewish.

That soldier was call-sign “Muzykant,” meaning “the musician” in English. He was a violinist who became a soldier with Ukraine’s special forces. Muzykant is the squad leader of the Bratstvo battalion which, along with Ukraine’s defense intelligence and other units, carried out the infiltration into Crimea earlier this month.

Riding a jet ski and throwing a Molotov is not an “infiltration.”

You want to know what an infiltration is, please see last Saturday in Israel. It involves paragliders and piles of corpses.

“I was so high on adrenaline,” Muzykant told CNN, explaining that the whole operation felt like a blur. “I only really understood I had been to Crimea after we returned to our base. I realized we had completed a colossal task.”


That amphibious operation, early in October, was an infiltration by Ukraine’s special forces into Russia’s biggest stronghold in occupied Ukraine, part of a recent trend that has seen Kyiv increase its attacks on the peninsula. The exact date and time of the attack have not been disclosed.

Are these even “attacks”?

Hamas says “no.”

Muzykant was one of 10 Bratstvo battalion soldiers involved in the night assault on Crimea, in cooperation with other Ukrainian units – the total number of operatives is still unknown. They sailed through rough seas on larger speedboats, before switching to lower profile jet skis when they were in range of the peninsula. They then raced towards the shore, destroyed Russian military equipment placed by the sea and headed back, all in a matter of hours.

What did they destroy?

Is there a list of items?

The objective was not just to sabotage some of the military equipment Moscow keeps close to the shore, but also to convey a message to Ukrainian citizens in the territory.

There are no “Ukrainian citizens” in Crimea.

That is retarded and no one believes that.

We did it so that people in Ukraine and in occupied Crimea don’t lose spirit and keep faith in Crimea returning to Ukraine,” Muzykant said. Russian forces illegally annexed Crimea in 2014.

Illegal according to whom?

The “rules-based order” that refuses to release their list of rules?

The same people who stole Kosovo? The same people who just recently tried to establish a “Kurdistan”?

The peninsula holds a deep symbolic importance to Russian President Vladimir Putin and it’s a strategically vital logistics hub for the Kremlin’s war effort.

October’s assault was one of many that Ukrainian forces have carried out on the peninsula in recent months.

Russia has promised retaliation on several occasions, calling the attacks “acts of terrorism,” but Ukraine has continued to carry out strikes on the peninsula. In addition to drones and missiles, it’s long been speculated that Kyiv’s special forces were operating in Crimea, but their profile was raised with the amphibious October raid.

One of the Bratstvo unit’s founders and a key planner behind the surgical strike, Dmytro Korchynskyi, said attacking the peninsula was key for Ukraine’s counteroffensive effort.



What purpose does driving up in jet skis and throwing Molotovs serve in the middle of a massive war?

It’s not even demoralizing the enemy. It makes them look like pathetic losers. It moralizes the enemy.