Tucker Carlson Debuts on Twitter – 10-Minute Monologue, Aliens Real – Whatever

Tucker Carlson aired his first “show” on Twitter. It was a 10-minute prerecorded piece. Not exactly a “show,” more of a “blurb.”

He started out with no intro, and went straight into some pretty basic talking points about the Ukies blowing up the Russian dam. I agree with the talking points here, of course. It’s the same stuff I wrote yesterday. Very basic – “it’s nonsensical that Putin would bomb his own dam, these people are ridiculous.”

I did like that he called Vologonodomorodogor Zelienskkkkiiskkyyy a “ratlike persecutor of Christians.” That’s good. He also used my “shifty and dead-eyed” line. I lol’d once, when he talked about Lindsey Graham meeting with Zelensky and said “just two very good people talking about killing people.”

He explained the term “tautology,” which I guess probably helped his audience understand the basics of the way the media narrative works.

He shouted out 911 conspiracies.

I’m not going to be all negative on this guy. If he’s saying real shit, good for him. My concern is that he is saying obvious truths in order to implant lies within his narrative.

And that is exactly what happened.

He immediately pivoted from saying basic, obvious truths about the Ukraine situation to saying that it’s a matter of fact that UFOs and extraterrestrial life is definitely real.

He cited a “whistleblower” from military intelligence, which we chuckled about a couple days ago.

Claiming that an intelligence agent making the statement that aliens exist is “absolute proof” is simply beyond the pale. It is saying “the government would never lie” – immediately after he said the government lies about everything.

I was a bit shocked that a 10-minute blurb was billed as “episode 1.” The way they made it sound, he was going to be doing his regular show. It also looked like he wrote this himself. I’m familiar with his writing style, and familiar with the writing style of his writers. His writers are better than he is, or they usually are. (Obviously, his staff has rotated, and he fired his best writer, Blake Neff, in 2020 because he was caught saying naughty things anonymously on a forum. Blake, who started in 2017, made the show what it was, and it has never really gotten back to those levels, although he has had a couple good writers.)

If he’s going to be writing this himself, this is probably what you’re going to get going forward – short pieces that start with some basic, obvious thing relating to trannies or the Ukraine, and then pivot to something deranged and/or retarded, like space aliens or Chinese spy balloons.

I think most of it is going to be about China. He won’t ever directly say “war with China” – he’s too pussy to keep it real – but he will beat the drums.

If he’s writing it himself, you’re also going to get weird, stupid shit. Shortly before Fox fired him, he did an interview tour, and his unscripted presentation was in shocking contrast to his show. He does not have any real convictions or even strong beliefs. He is not a Christian, and apparently believes the angels of the Bible were actually space aliens.

As we know, he also supports gay “anal marriage,” and presumably also believes that faggots should be allowed to kidnap and rape little boys (“gay adoption”).

All that having been said – I do think he was fired from Fox because of what he was saying about the Ukraine, and I do think they wanted him out of the game for the 2024 election, when they will be shilling DeSantis, and they fear he’d be backing Trump. So the fact that he was fired for doing good means he can do good. Or maybe it means that.

I will just say: the aliens stuff, the gay stuff, the China war stuff, the anti-Christ stuff – this is all total cancer, and it can’t be outweighed by saying “well, obviously Russia didn’t blow up their own dam, that’s just silly!”

I’m not optimistic.

But if he puts out some good stuff, okay.