Tucker Confronts Republican Shit-Sacks Over Support for Jewkraine War Hoax

As I’ve made clear over the last year, I am not a big fan of Tucker Carlson. He claims, among other things, that when a man shoves his entire fist into another man’s anus, this is “love.”

Watch this clip:

Tucker Carlson sees that and says “wow, this is so romantic. This is true love and very, very normal.”

This individual also believes that the Bible is about space aliens (???).

Maybe dumbest of all, he believes that the Ukraine war should be canceled so we can focus on war with the Chinese, and he went so far as to fully back Joe Biden’s “spy balloon” hoax.

Frankly, I feel a need to preface any mention of something good he does by saying all of that. Particularly given that the good things he does are about opposing the Ukraine war, and his stated reason for opposing that war is that he wants to “focus on China.” This is psycho, because Russia is currently only able to continue existing as a nation due to Chinese support. If the US fought a war against China, Russia would be helping China, and therefore, we would still be at war with Russia.

So it is just basic nonsense, and Tucker is a fat retard who is good at reading scripts.

But yeah, confronting these Republican sacks of shit on the Ukraine war was funny. Tucker hosted the “Blaze Media’s Family Leadership Summit” on Friday and pressed Mike Pence, That Black Guy, and boy-lover Asa Hutchinson on their backing of the fake war in the Ukraine.

Pence wants total world war, forever, and vows to be even more aggressive about destroying Russia than Joe Biden is. He actually said that the Russian Christian Church is evil and part of a conspiracy. It got pretty heated.

Tucker then brought up the fact that America is collapsing while the government funds this war.

This black guy is like “yeah, dawg, I feel ya. But we gots to do democracy out this bitch, muggaffagh.” Then, I kid you not – this guy said “bix nood.”

Here’s that cocksucker Asa, who is into little boys.

I can’t find the full video of this uploaded anywhere. I assume it is on TheBlaze. I also assume what I included here are the best parts anyway.

I wonder if Tucker is thinking of going to TheBlaze? Apparently he’s thinking about it, if he’s hosting their events now.

His Twitter show is not good. He is not a good writer. The Fox News show was good (sometimes) because he had good writers. He is writing this Twitter thing himself and it is just basic Sean Hannity tier tripe, other than a few bits against the Ukraine war.

He’s also all-in on promoting Andrew Tate now, which is strange on several different levels. This week, he released a big interview with Tate on Twitter.

I’m all for supporting Tate against political persecution, but he’s not exactly an important thought leader.

Maybe now that Tucker is off of Fox News, and supposedly not censored, he should interview Nick Fuentes? I mean, he attacked Nick privately, calling him a fed – why not bring this out into the open? Nick would happily go on with Tucker and be questioned about anything Tucker wants to question him on.

What is the reason Tucker would not do that? It’s definitely not that the numbers are not there – Nick has been going on various Rumble shows and hitting the top viewer counts over and over again over the past weeks.

People should question Tucker as to why he won’t do this. In fact, people should heckle him at events.