Turkey and India Continue to Refuse to Join Russian Sanctions Suicide Cult

Turkey remains the most skilled country at playing large powers off against each other.

Erdogan plays Veronica, unable to decide if she wants to date Archie or Jughead – or go full dyke with Betty.


The possibility of Turkey joining anti-Russia sanctions is “unrealistic,” Turkey’s Foreign Ministry chief, Mevlut Cavusoglu, said in an interview with local news channel NTV on Thursday. He noted however, that Ankara would be forced to follow sanctions if they’re approved by the United Nations.

“Turkey abides by international law, we will continue to pursue a balanced foreign policy. But if the UN approves sanctions against Russia, Turkey will be forced to follow them,” said Cavusoglu.

“But in terms of joining sanctions imposed by individual countries, I think these countries understand themselves that, given Turkey’s intermediary position, it is unrealistic,” he added.

He went on to say that Turkey’s Western partners often question Ankara’s position, stating that “They often ask “will you close the sky?” You need to understand that Turkey holds an intermediary position and is committed to stabilizing the situation.”

They probably won’t actually follow UN sanctions if they are imposed. They will continue doing all kinds of sneaky scheming and somehow manage to make their otherwise irrelevant country the center of everyone’s attention.

But probably, UN sanctions aren’t even possible anyway, because so few nations are interested in doing this.

India has been less savvy than Turkey thus far, but is much more relevant in terms of size and power.


Weeks after snapping up discounted Russian crude, India is setting for a major increase in its purchases of coal from the sanctioned country. The world’s sixth biggest economy is focused on its energy security, disregarding attempts by the US and its allies to isolate Moscow.

In March, India’s coal imports from Russia reportedly surged to a two-year high. The Asian country purchased 1.04 million tons of Russian coal, the highest amount since January 2020, according to Matthew Boyle, lead dry bulk analyst at commodity intelligence firm Kpler, as cited by CNBC.

Last week, US President Joe Biden signed an executive order banning the import of Russian coal along with crude oil, gasoline, petroleum products, oils and liquefied gas as part of a new batch of penalties against Moscow over its military operation in Ukraine. Laster, the European Commission proposed banning Russian energy imports, including coal. However, the bloc’s policy-makers have failed to agree on a new package of sanctions.

Markets suspect that India and China may boost coal imports from Russia, offsetting some of the impact of a formalized EU ban on Russian coal imports,” Vivek Dhar, director of mining and energy commodities research at the Commonwealth Bank of Australia told media.

Last week, India’s steel minister Ramchandra Prasad Singh said that the country is looking to double imports of Russian coking coal, a vital ingredient for steel-making. Singh added that India had imported 4.5 million tons but did not indicate the period he was referring to.

This is clear: America has completely lost the plot, and the fact that they haven’t yet realized the gravity of this situation means that they will not ever realize it.

It will be interesting to see if the Democrats hoax the midterms or if they allow for Republican war-mongers to come in. We can talk about a “uniparty,” and it is true, but the differences between the parties could change the shape of the collapse.