Typical British Antifa

Daily Stormer
July 31, 2014

lol.  Untermensch.
lol. Untermensch.

What is called “fascism,” a term which in common usage refers to all forms of contemporary authoritarianism, is the only truly White system of government to have existed in the modern era.  It is thus that an “Anti-Fascist” is in reality an “Anti-White.”

The typical Antifa fighter is clearly physically and mentally inferior, as the above picture illustrates.  This inferiority drives them to hate White civilization, which has continually championed the rights of the superior over the inferior as a means of forwarding greatness.

These people are traitors, and deserve no mercy.  They are worse than the Jews or the hordes, which are at least admirable in the way that they push the agenda of their own respective races.  Due to the unique and overwhelming complexity of our psychological make-up, it is only the White Man who is capable of developing the necessary mental illness to stand openly opposed to his own people.

This ugly, overweight and greasy looking British boy has no right to the fruits of the labor of his ancestors.  He should be deported to Afghanistan.