UK: 12-Year-Old Girl Told Police She was Gang-Raped; Female Cop Told Her She’s a Lying Prostitute

The last thing the British police want is to help anyone who isn’t brown

West Midlands is the second most diverse region in Britain, after London.


West Midlands Police officers are accused of telling an alleged rape gang victim, aged 12, that she was “lying” about her abuse, and told her mother she was “prostituting herself”.

“I was 12 or 13 when I went with my mum to the police to report the first rape. But a female police officer accused me of lying and that just broke me. I went off the rails after that,” said the alleged victim, given the pseudonym ‘Karen’ by BirmingahLive, who was targeted by a so-called grooming gang operating in Walsall.

Walsall is even more diverse than the rest of the region.

Her mother told the local media outlet that she would “have to pick her up at the police station after she was found by them, sometimes at hotels” and that officers told her “we think your daughter is prostituting herself”.

“I could have dropped to my knees at that point because we were talking about a young girl,” she lamented.

The allegations echo many other findings of failure by the police, social services, and other authorities on the vexed question of so-called grooming gangs, which are comprised predominantly of Mulsim, South Asian heritage predators who target mostly white, working-class victims.

Police long feared tackling the issue, which is ongoing, due to fears of being branded racist, and refused to intervene when underage girls and young women were pimped out and raped by dozens of men on the grounds that they were making “lifestyle choices” — despite the fact that sexual relations with minors and in particular under-13s is in all circumstances very much a criminal matter.

West Midlands Police were aware of the fact that grooming gangs were operating in Walsall, however.

“Clusters of offenders have been found in Walsall and on Birmingham East which also have the highest populations of Pakistani communities in the West Midlands,” a police report admitted in 2012.

“The close proximity of suspect addresses in […] Walsall suggests offenders are collaborating in the identification, grooming and subsequent abuse of vulnerable females,” it added — with the location of the area in question being redacted, for whatever reason.

‘Karen’ was also failed by social services, she said, recalling that in 2010 “there was a request to social services for help for me but it was just left.”

“Then basically after the other incidents happened social services in 2012 said my mum and dad couldn’t safeguard me and it was basically their fault what happened to me,” she added.

She was then taken from her parents and put into care, but the abuse continued.

“[T]he men are still at it now, they’re still out there and they’re still doing the same things as they were with me, with younger girls,” Karen told BirminghamLive.

In response to the story, West Midlands Police said that “We accept that there have been failings in some historical cases in the past,” but insisted that “We always strive to put victims at the heart of all our investigations and will be led by what the victim wants” — directly contradicting the victims themselves.

The issue is, a white person can’t be a “victim” of a brown person in this new Western legal order.

We’ve heard all of these stories before.

I don’t believe women. That is a matter of principle, and I’m not going to believe women just because they’re accusing a brown person.

But surely the police have a duty to stop 12-year-olds from being involved in prostitution, even if it is “consensual” (a totally meaningless term)?

“We regret to inform you that your 12-year-old daughter is consensually being pimped out by a Pakistani gang”?

The police were and are effectively in the employ of Pakistani pimp gangs. Not because they were being bribed, mind you – but simply because they have pledged service to brown people.

“My life for the color of the skin,” says they.

Or maybe it’s Islam they’ve pledged allegiance to?

Whatever it is that is happening with these British cops, it is very inappropriate.

How is it possible that the people of Britain are unaware that we fought wars against these Saracens for centuries?

The theory that “we’ve evolved past those times” stops making sense when you understand that the other side is still at war.

If you evolve past the concept of war while your enemy is still at war with you, that just means you lose the war.

Taking our women from us has always been a sign of dominance over us.

Imagine what these Moslems are thinking, when we’ve inviting them into our countries to continue their conquest?

They had already effectively lost the war, due to our development of technology over the last 200 years – and then all of a sudden, we surrender and invite them in to conquer us?

Who made this decision?