UK: 19-Year-Old Girl Punches 58-Year-Old Man to Death – No Jail! Vagina Privilege!

Kelsea O’Hara, murderer.

Women are legally allowed to kill men.

That’s our values in a democracy.

Daily Mail:

A drunken young woman who knocked a man unconscious during a confrontation in the street has been cleared of causing his death.

Kelsea O’Hara, then aged 19, attacked Andrew Turner, 58, after he refused to apologise for bumping into her friend on a night out in Bridlington, East Yorkshire.

Mr Turner fell to the ground, hit his head, and died six days later on September 3 last year, Hull Crown Court heard.

Andrew Turner, 58, killed by a skank.

Despite Mr Turner passing away within a week of the attack, a pathologist and a neuropathologist confirmed that O’Hara was not responsible for his death.

Mr Turner’s cause of death was not mentioned by the court.

Yes, it has nothing whatsoever to do with the punch and the fall where he hit his head, bled, and was unable to get up after regaining consciousness.

The woman is innocent, because she’s young and she did nothing wrong.

The court heard that O’Hara attacked Mr Turner after he didn’t apologise for bumping into her friend on August 28 last year.

O’Hara, now 20, of Trinity Road, Bridlington, pleaded guilty to wounding. She was spared an immediate jail term for the attack and given a six-month curfew.

She’s not even black!

Andrew Espley, prosecuting, said that Mr Turner went out for drinks in Bridlington with a friend where O’Hara and four of her friends were also out drinking.

Mr Turner’s friend knew one of O’Hara’s friends and he apologised to her for an incident a couple of weeks earlier.

At around 1.30am, O’Hara confronted Mr Turner in Marlborough Terrace and asked him if he would apologise to one of her friends, whom he had accidentally walked into, but he refused.

Mr Espley said: ‘O’Hara threw her purse onto the floor and launched herself at Mr Turner, punching him in the face once and causing him to lose consciousness when he fell to the floor, hitting his head in the process when he fell.’

Mr Turner, of Bridlington, suffered a cut of five to seven inches to the back of his head and was bleeding.

Mr Espley said: ‘He tried to get up when he regained consciousness but could not do so.’

Police and paramedics arrived but Mr Turner refused to go to hospital, where his injuries were not initially believed to be life-threatening.

They next day, O’Hara was arrested. She made no comment during the police interview.

Mr Espley said: ‘Mr Turner did not die until September 3 so she would not have been asked about causing his death.

The punch seems to have been impulsive and spontaneous and it was one punch.’

Why are white women like this?