UK: 48% of People Find Current Lockdown Harder Than 2020’s

The final and obvious goal of these lockdowns is to drive everyone completely mental.

And of course, to destroy the economy totally, so we can have a “Great Reset” that will create a new economic system where billionaires have all the wealth and the government gives you digital credits as an allowance.

Daily Mail:

Nearly half of Britons are finding the current lockdown harder than the first and are pessimistic about the Covid situation over next six months, a new poll has found.

Up to 48 per cent of Britons say they are finding the latest lockdown – the third in England – harder than the first set of restrictions in March 2020, the polls shows.

In a worrying sign of the impact of lockdowns on mental health, nearly a fifth (17 per cent) say they are finding living under the current restrictions ‘much harder’ than those in March last year, according to the survey.

Women (52 per cent) are more likely than men (42 per cent) to be struggling with the restrictions, the poll shows.

Meanwhile, the 25-49 year olds (49 per cent) are the group most likely to be struggling during the current lockdown.

And in a sign Britons are becoming weary of restrictions, almost half (48 per cent) feel pessimistic about what’s to come in the next six months according to the poll, carried out by YouGov.

The shocking part is the continued toleration of this system by the population.

You’d think at some point, enough would be enough, and they would just collectively snap.

Apparently, people are being soothed by prescription drugs.

The men use pornography. They all watch Netflix.

The women are more likely to continue to say “we just have to do whatever the government says.”

What is clear is that if people will tolerate this, they will tolerate anything.