UK: 92% of Deaths Blamed on Coronavirus are People Over 60

In the United Kingdom, 92% of all deaths blamed on coronavirus were old people.

Remember the Johns Hopkins University article showing that coronavirus didn’t really increase the yearly death toll compared to previous years?

What’s happening is that Western governments are blaming coronavirus for the deaths of people who were going to die from something anyway. The supposed “coronavirus death toll” is nothing more than the normal, expected death toll. It only feels like more people are dying compared to previous years because the media and government are talking about “the death toll” constantly, like an MK Ultra brainwashing tape.

Daily Mail:

Almost 13 times more over-60s have died from coronavirus in England’s hospitals compared to those in younger age groups, official figures reveal.

NHS England data shows 56,000 Covid deaths were recorded in over-60s by January 14 — but only 4,500 in the under-60s.

The stark figures underline how the disease preys on the elderly, while for many younger people it triggers a mild infection that can clear in about a week.

The striking statistics published yesterday show those over 60 have accounted for 92 per cent of all fatalities due to the virus since the pandemic began.

And of these 60 per cent were in the over 80s, or 34,786 deaths, the highest number recorded in any age group.

Those aged between 60 and 79 had the second highest death toll, at 23,886.

But for those aged between 40 and 59, there were 4,219 deaths from the virus recorded, and just 431 in those aged between 0 and 39.

Data from researchers and official bodies showed that Covid-19 death rates among the young were low when the pandemic first hit in the spring, and that they are lower still despite concern over pub-goers, holidaymakers and protesters spreading infection over the summer.

Cancer consultant Professor Karol Sikora said previously: ‘On the whole, it is not a young person’s illness, healthy young people especially.

‘But they are paying the societal price in terms of education, university and social activities, and they will be paying the bill one day because the old people won’t be there.

‘It’s a matter of balance and we’ve not got it right. It’s really important we don’t throw all the resources at Covid.’

Keep in mind that most of those 431 people under 40 who died had preexisting conditions. The death toll of healthy people under 40 is tiny.

Back in early August 2020, Professor Robert Dingwall noted that there was something off about the reported death toll when taking into consideration what was expected based on previous years.

Now the official figures support what the Daily Stormer has been saying since the start: this virus is not a threat.

The people in power wanted an excuse to rapidly transform society while encountering the least amount of resistance. They hit the jackpot with “there’s a dangerous virus! Do what I say if you want to live!”, because apparently most humans are germophobic maniacs that will bend over backwards if you promise them that they won’t be sneezing this winter.