UK: A Demonstration of Support for the Golden Dawn

Max Musson
Western Spring
November 15, 2014


Regular visitors to this website will be familiar with the demonstration which took place in November last year outside the Greek Embassy in London calling for the release of the leaders of the Greek nationalist party Golden Dawn who had been imprisoned on spurious charges that are obviously politically motivated.

Now more than twelve months later three of the most senior officers of Golden Dawn: party leader, Nikos Mikaloliakos; party deputy leader, Christos Pappas; and Yannis Lagos, leader of the Athens district, remain in prison and have each been indicted to stand trial on charges of operating a criminal organisation, possession of illegal firearms and maintaining an illegal archive.

As I have already reported video evidence of Greek government Cabinet Secretary, Takis Baltakos apparently admitting to Golden Dawn official, Ilias Kasidiaris, that the prosecutions of Golden Dawn officials are politically motivated, has already been posted on You Tube and the publication of this video has led to Baltakos’ resignation.


A second demonstration of support for Golden Dawn and calling for their leaders to be released will therefore take place in approximately two weeks time on 29th November 2014 and I will be one of the speakers at that event. I urge all able bodied nationalists to attend the demonstration which will again take place outside the Greek Embassy in London. Other speakers will include Peter Rushton of Heritage & Destiny and Kevin Layzell.

There is likely to be some leftist opposition to the demonstration and therefore anyone wishing to attend and to co-ordinate their travel to and from the demonstration should email me,