UK: All-Male Club Cucks, Votes to Allow Women to Join

This article is from May 8th.

But I thought it was important, since we missed it at the time, and we just had the fishing club invasion.

See: UK: Biofrontholes Now Nagging Oldest All-Male Fishermen’s Club to Let Them In

Women are gong through and systematically injecting themselves into every male space in Britain, so they can turn it into a fiasco where all of the attention is focused on them.

Women are not interested in anything other than attention. Even the things they are interested in, like fashion, are only about getting attention on themselves.


Members of the Garrick Club have voted to allow women to join the institution.

The all-male private members’ club, which was founded in 1831, had been under pressure to admit female members.

On Tuesday members of the club, in London’s West End, voted to allow women to join after reconsidering the legal wording surrounding membership.

The head of the Civil Service Simon Case and the chief of MI6 Richard Moore recently resigned from the club after its membership list was revealed.

The vote was passed, with nearly 60% in favour. The Garrick has been contacted for comment.

Some of the cucks already have a list of some biofrontholes they plan to invite. Mary Beard is that old fat historian slut that keeps pushing the diversity in ancient Rome line.

The vote confirming the resolution required a 50% majority, although previous votes on the question of female membership had required a two-thirds majority.

Analysis of the club’s rules by senior judges concluded there was nothing in the Garrick’s constitution preventing women from being allowed to join, because the 1925 Law of Property Act advises that in legal documents the word “he” should also be read to mean “she”.

Men and women need private spaces.

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