UK: Another University Goes Full Vegan to Change the Weather

We gotta do it, folks.

We gotta change the weather by eating extremely unhealthy diets.

No choice.

Plant Based News:

The University of Kent student union has voted in favor of transitioning its campus to 100 percent plant-based catering.

In what’s thought to be a record breaking voting turnout, 450 students supported the Plant-Based Universities notion to remove animal products from university-run catering facilities. Kent’s student union officially passed the motion on June 22. It will now lobby the catering services to make the transition to a fully plant-based menu by the year 2027-2028.

“It is amazing to see universities taking concrete steps towards halting climate change and safeguarding our future,” Chris Chudley, Plant Based Universities campaigner at The University of Kent, told Plant Based News. “Based on climate science, professional medical advice, and economic trends, it is clear to see that a plant-based food system is not only necessary, but accessible to all.”

Nathan McGovern, co-founder of the Plant Based Universities Campaign, added: “It’s incredible to see hundreds of students at The University of Kent join the landslide of young people taking action to tackle the climate emergency and move towards 100% plant-based universities. We’ll continue to support our campaigners at the university to realise truly sustainable menus whilst striving to work as closely with local producers as possible.”

Kent’s Student Union President, Zaid Mahmood, described the decision to move away from animal products as “an extremely important step in combating the climate crisis.” They added that we “must tackle” the crisis together.

Oh, so is “Zaid Mahmood” a tranny of some sort? That’s why he’s referred to as “they”?

Vegan tranny Moslem.

I’m so sick of this shit, bro.