UK: Boris Johnson Cockblocks Priti Patel’s “Player Hater” Law, Advises Her to “Hate the Game”

Priti in pink, isn’t she? Still fat tho. Would not catcall. At least not before 3 AM and two fifths of vodka.

I’m just joking in the headline, guys. Boris didn’t really tell Priti to “hate the player” instead of the game.

But Priti is a player hater, trying to pass all of these anti-PUA laws.

Of course, the reason Boris cockblocked the cockblocking law is because if it were actually enforced, it would entail police going around harassing Arabs and black people.

Feminism or multiculturalism – pick one.

Seriously though – it’s only in a multicultural cesspit that even feminists would try to make a law against hitting on women. As horrible as feminists are, and as extreme as they are, I do not think they would try to make a law against white guys trying to use the Mystery Method against them.

This is literally an organized attack by white feminists on people of color. People of color won this round, and – spoiler alert – they’re going to keep on winning. Feminism is a Jewish attack on the white reproductive process – nothing more. The women who actually believed it meant preventing brown men from accosting them on the street are so stupid they deserve to be viciously raped.

The Guardian:

Boris Johnson has infuriated the home secretary by overruling attempts to make public sexual harassment a crime. This has prompted concern at the Home Office that the prime minister views the issue as mere “wolf whistling”, rather than the aggressive targeting of women and girls going about their daily lives.

Sources say tensions have emerged between Johnson and Priti Patel, and other senior Home Office figures, after he blocked plans to make public sexual harassment a specific offence.

Patel’s consultation on tackling violence against women and girls, drew feedback from 180,000 contributors – the majority sent after the murder of Sarah Everard in March – with many respondents complaining of being hassled on a daily basis.

Johnson announced last week that he did not support any new law on tackling violence against women, claiming there is “abundant” existing legislation. This caused disquiet throughout the Home Office.

Sources believe the prime minister has completely misjudged the public mood following the murders of Everard and, more recently, Sabina Nessa, both attacked while walking in the capital.

Either Boris Johnson has misjudged and thinks women like being murdered, or believe that men talking to them is like a murder, or feminists have misjudged the amount of power they have in contrast to immigrants.

All of the women pushing for this law are effectively no different than that woman who called the police when that black man was menacing her at the park. It’s just that this is a discussion in the abstract, whereas the dog park situation was real life on video.

But anyone attempting to enforce this law would look exactly like that, and it would immediately be decried as “Boris Johnson’s racist law was supposed to protect women from harassment – instead, it targets people of color for harassment by the police.”

This is all so obvious that it’s just insane that it cannot be discussed in frank terms. This is what happens when you build your entire society on lies – everyone is just expected to figure out various esoteric clues about what is being discussed.

A senior Home Office source, who requested anonymity, said: “Trying to bring it down to wolf whistling is massively problematic. But we’re going to make this happen. People are prepared to put their political capital behind this, and the home secretary is among those very much behind it.”

Another source said the prime minister seemed not to understand the issue: “Make no mistake, Boris Johnson is the person blocking and holding this back. He seems to be stuck in the past on this issue.”

A survey earlier this year revealed that more than half of women said they had suffered sexual harassment on public transport in London. The most common offence, experienced by more than a third of respondents, was being deliberately pressed up against by a stranger. The research, by YouGov, suggested that tens of thousands of incidents on buses and the Tube go unreported.

That’s further evidence that this law is ridiculous.

Buses and trains are crowded, and sometimes you press up against people. Women believe they are the center of the universe, so if an unattractive man presses up against them due to a train being crowded, the woman thinks it is rape, because “ohmygodohmygodohmygod, he’s so gross!”

When you are the center of the universe, everything that happens in your environment only exists in relation to you. Therefore, everything that happens to you must be a targeted action against you. Men really do not understand that this is how a woman’s mind literally works.

Can you imagine a man being arrested on a train based on the claim that he purposefully pressed up against a woman? The man says it was an accident, the train was crowded, but the woman’s word is law, so it ends up in court.

Or it’s a non-white, and the judge ends up charging the woman for racist harassment of a child refugee seeking a better life.

This simply is not serious.

Here’s a protip for women: if you want to avoid unwanted attention, quit wearing slut clothes, quit wearing makeup.

Then you can be sure that if anyone rubs up against you, it was definitely an accident.

Furthermore, we men can get on with our business without being distracted by your disgusting painted flesh – trollop.