UK: Crimes Involving Acid Increase by 75% in One Year

We’re not talking about LSD here, lads. That would be sort of hilarious.

No, no.

We’re talking about people getting hydrochloric acid thrown on their faces. It melts your face and leaves you permanently disfigured, like a character from a horror film, for the rest of your life. Even with modern plastic surgery, it’s basically impossible to fix to any meaningful extent.

It’s ultra nasty.

The Guardian:

Acid attacks and other offences involving corrosive substances in the UK have risen by 75% in a year but only 8% of cases led to criminal charges or a summons, figures suggest.

The total number of recorded offences last year based on freedom of information (FOI) requests was 1,244 – up from 710 in 2022 – comprising 454 physical attacks and 790 other alleged offences, including carrying corrosives and threats of acid attack to aid other offences such as rape or robbery.

Acid Survivors Trust International (ASTI), which obtained the data, said the real figures were likely to be higher due to under-reporting and the fact that Police Scotland did not respond.

Why should they respond?

Only immigrants do this and immigrants are above the law.

That’s democracy.

Jaf Shah, the executive director at ASTI, said there needed to be more focus on prevention in the same way that there was for gun and knife crime.

The knife control thing didn’t work, so you should definitely try doing the same with acid

“The incoming government should increase funding for prevention initiatives and address the drivers that facilitate acid attacks and violent crime more generally in the UK – socioeconomic inequality and deprivation, and a lack of opportunity for young people,” he said.

“Additionally, while there are laws in place that restrict access to corrosive substances, the growing number of offences shows that the government and businesses must tighten the enforcement of these regulations and do more to stop corrosive substances being weaponised to cause devastating harm.”

In 32% of the cases covered by the FoI data, the alleged victim identified a suspect but did not support further action, suggesting a fear of reprisals.

Yeah, once someone throws acid in your face, you’re pretty much going to be like “well, I guess they settled that disagreement. I’d better just move on with my deformed life.”

In terms of stopping these attacks: you can’t stop people from getting ahold of this acid. So the only way to stop the attacks would be to not have any people who want to do this. That means you would have to ban immigrants from certain regions.

I think that there is probably also something to say about gun control here. Would you rather get shot with a handgun (they’re unlikely to hit your head, people aim for center of mass), and probably recover without much trouble, or have acid thrown in your face? Personally, I would rather get shot.