UK: Face Masks Likely to be Used “For Years to Come” Despite Vaccinations, Experts Claim

There’s now talk about “baseline measures” that will remain indefinitely.

That means masks and “social distancing.” It will also mean other things that you haven’t even heard of yet.

This is the new reality. You’re just going to have to accept that, and try to figure out a way to deal with it.

Daily Mail:

Face masks will likely keep being used ‘for years to come’ if coronavirus continues to spread and new viruses crop up, top scientists say.

Professor Graham Medley, a SAGE adviser and infectious disease expert at London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, said they may still be used in five years from now out of habit.

And the UK’s chief scientific adviser, Sir Patrick Vallance, yesterday said face masks may still be required next winter, even if all adults in the UK have been vaccinated against Covid.

Sir Patrick said the Government will keep a set of Covid measures after the country comes out of lockdown and these could include wearing masks in public.

Government scientists have also suggested people may have to follow the ‘baseline’ measures indefinitely, even after the vaccination roll-out is complete. In a document discussing life after Covid, SAGE said keeping some social distancing measures were ‘almost certain to save many lives and minimise the threat to hospital capacity’.

They said Anglin was a kook.

Right about now, he’s looking like a prophet.

He was the one man who said, “this isn’t ever going to end.”

Slowly but surely, they are letting you know that this is indeed the case.

There was never any “coronavirus.” It was always the flu. This “pandemic” can’t ever end, because it never started. It is going to go on and on, and you are going to lose more and more of your freedoms, more and more of your personal identity, as you become a numbered cog in a global technotronic machine.

They are going to put computer chips in your brains.

It will be really cool and sexy and fun.