UK Facing a Bouncer Shortage, Nightlife in Crisis

This isn’t related to the vaccine.

People are just quitting for no reason, or maybe because of a metaphysical crisis of some manner or sort.

The Guardian:

Nightclubs are suffering from a growing shortage of bouncers, in the latest staffing squeeze to hit the UK’s economic recovery, with some estimates suggesting venues are having to pay security staff as much as 25% more.

The lack of security personnel comes at a time when hospitality businesses are being hit by a cocktail of rising costs and are trying to rebound from months of closures during the pandemic.

About one in five night-time and hospitality businesses had to close last month or operate on reduced hours as a result of a shortage of security staff, according to trade body the Night Time Industries Association.

However, the NTIA warned the situation had subsequently “deteriorated further”, at a time when consumer demand for nights out and dancing has been soaring following the easing of government restrictions.

Sacha Lord, the night-time economy adviser for Greater Manchester, said “security staffing was the biggest issue” at this year’s Parklife festival, which he co-founded.

Hospitality businesses have been sounding the alarm over staffing shortages for the past few months since lockdown restrictions were eased, with security vacancies just the latest problem, after insufficient numbers of bar staff, chefs and other kitchen workers.

Other parts of the economy have also been hit by lack of staff, particularly the food production and processing industry and those running supply chains, including warehouse workers and HGV drivers.

Many security workers left their jobs during the pandemic as nightclubs and late-night venues were closed, with many finding jobs elsewhere with more suitable hours.

The other problem is going to be: the vaxed might develop serious health problems that make them incapable of working, or at least working normally.

I mean, people are having heart attacks left and right. People are just collapsing outright. This is happening to celebrities, in public. It’s happening to pro athletes, who are going to be in peak physical condition.

This is happening daily now. It’s hardly ever being reported. But just type “collapsed” into a search.

So it is also happening to vaxed up normies.

If a drug is severe enough to make a young and healthy person collapse randomly, then it is surely severe enough to lower people’s general injury levels, harm their immune system, and just make them less capable.

The good news is: downsizing everything is part of the plan!

They only need a fraction of the current workforce for the future they are planning.

I remember when those right-wingers were saying “they want things to go back to normal, because they want you working and consuming.” I guess those people either disappeared in shame, or changed what they were saying and then pretended like they said something else.

But here’s the thing: that line of thought shows that someone has absolutely no idea what the hell they’re talking about, on a really basic level. It is just a very simple and fundamental aspect of the globalist agenda that they want to downsize everything. There is no single globalist document that says “we want to keep them all working and consuming.” That is just something that some boomer made up in his head, based on how he believes the world works.

I’m sorry, I don’t mean to be mean, but those people that kept saying “they want us to go back to working and consuming” are literally just stupid. Or, they’re lying on purpose. Some people are surely lying on purpose.

Seriously, you should be clear on this: the plan is a mass downsizing. So mass layoffs and walkouts DOES NOT mean that “their plan is backfiring.” This is all part of the plan.