UK: Fascist Parents Whine About Graphic Sex Guide for Children

Parents can get really uncomfortable when asked to teach their son how to get fucked up his ass.

It’s really awkward for a dad to come to his son and teach him about fisting and double-fisting.

That’s why society decided that it would be the school’s responsibility to teach this stuff to the children.

We live in a society, after all.

A society of anal.

GB News:

A children’s book about sex has sparked outrage among parents who have branded the “graphic” book a “modern example of brainwashing”.

Welcome to Sex – which was published in the UK this month and was obtained by GB News on the day of its release – provides details on “how to finger someone?”, “a 69” and “the lowdown on anal sex”.

How do you finger someone?

What is the lowdown on anal?

These are all things 8-year-olds need to know, and the parents feel really shy about teaching their kids.

That’s why the school teaches them.

The book, written by award-winning authors Dr Melissa Kang and Yumi Stynes, also includes illustrations of masturbation, “scissoring” and gender curiosity.

Yumi Stynes (left) and Melissa Kang

Stynes previously provoked controversy after claiming a “mature eight-year-old could flick through” the book.

Discussing how to perform oral sex on a penis, the book gives instructions on how to use “your mouth and tongue”.

The controversial publication also includes references to “gagging”.


Gagging is one of the big challenges cocksuckers face.

When you add the fact that you might be getting fisted up your anus while you’re sucking cock, the gagging risk can increase.

It’s the school’s job to teach 8-year-olds how to overcome the challenges of gagging when they are sucking cock.

Other chapters include details on “orgasms”, “mutual pleasure” and a diagram of “how to finger someone”.

The “no-silly-questions guide to sexuality, pleasure and figuring it out” also issues advice on how “two penis-owners have anal sex” and illustrations of two women “scissoring”.

Taking to social media, many parents have slammed the book as “absolutely wrong in every way”.

The book, which also discusses porn, sexual positions and LGBTQI issues, already sparked concern in Australia when it was published last summer.

Stynes addressed previous criticisms of the book Down Under, saying: “If you don’t want to read it, by all means, don’t read it.”

You gotta laugh.

I don’t know what else you could do here.

Getting outraged doesn’t really help anything.

We live in a democracy, so your opinion on this issue is less than irrelevant.

By “less than irrelevant,” I mean that if you have the wrong opinion, far from influencing the matter, you could actually be personally punished for disagreeing with government child anal policy.

Does this look like someone who should have any kind of contact with children?