UK: Charges Dropped Against Man Who Shoved Global Warmers Blocking the Road

Interview with the guy from when it happened 8 months ago. The cops were completely ignoring the warmers, but arrested this guy within 10 seconds.

Why did this take 8 months?

What even needed investigating here in the first place?

GB News:

A scaffolder who shoved Just Stop Oil protesters in a bid to clear the road has had his legal case dropped after eight months.

Louis Grieves, 22, was arrested for common assault after he shoved two protesters on Blackfriars Bridge in London last May.

His charge was later reduced to using threatening words or behaviour.

Grieves said he was just trying to bring the peace when he pushed one of the protesters who was in the middle of the road.

The scaffolder only found out his case was dropped just moments before he was set to appear in court.

Louis Grieves, 22-year-old scaffolder

Prosecutors told City of London JPs there was insufficient evidence to proceed. Grieves said: “I’m glad it’s all over.”

Grieves previously told GB News he has no regrets for taking matters into his own hands.

Speaking to Patrick Christys in May he said: “The police officers should have been detained.

“There was two officers and one of them was violent, I’ve had a lot of messages saying it looked like the officer was out there to hurt me.

“I don’t believe that, but in this incident, I do believe the Met has messed up.”

A spokesperson from Just Stop Oil said: “We wish him well”, but added he had got off lightly compared to some jailed protesters.

Shut up. Shut up. Stop it.

Methinks the “road blocker” thing has gotten out of control. One of these globalist organizations thought it up years ago, then it turned out it makes people really hate global warming believers.

“This will happen in 3 years if we don’t block the road.”

You saw that “Jews for Palestine” blocked the road to associate pro-Palestine activism with road blocking. So they know people hate this, and they false flag their enemies as road blockers.

You will probably start seeing cops arrest the warmers doing the road blocking more, and get them out, since this is definitely counterproductive to the global warmer agenda.

It’s just a way for women and effeminate men to get attention on themselves.

This bitch is trying to save the world, and nobody’s thanking her