UK Government Says People May Need Infinite, Regular Coronavirus Vaccinations and Revaccinations

If people don’t start raising their swords at thunder storms while screaming “THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE,” Highlander-style, the overlords are going to keep coming up with new vaccines.

Daily Mail:

Covid vaccines could become a regular part of winter – just like they are for flu, ministers have claimed.

Revaccination against the illness is ‘likely to become a regular part‘ of managing the disease, the Government has said.

Hidden in Boris Johnson’s lockdown-easing roadmap today, it was also revealed that ministers are planning another Covid vaccination drive this autumn.

Scientists don’t currently know how long vaccine-triggered immunity lasts for against Covid, given jabs were only created last spring.

They don’t know how long vaccine-triggered immunity lasts because not enough time has passed, but they know that the vaccines are safe? Come on.

No10 said in the 68-page document: ‘This is because, as is the case with many vaccines, the protection they confer may weaken over time.

It is also possible that new variants of the virus may emerge against which current vaccines are less effective.’

The roadmap also said: ‘The Government is planning for a revaccination campaign, which is likely to run later this year in autumn or winter.

‘Any revaccination is likely to consist of a single booster dose of a Covid vaccine: the ideal booster may be a new vaccine specifically designed against a variant form of the virus.

Over the longer term, revaccination is likely to become a regular part of managing Covid.’

AstraZeneca last week revealed it is on track to deliver a new booster vaccine that will tackle coronavirus variants by the autumn.

This is exactly what the Daily Stormer has been saying for almost a year now.

Every path where people go along with what the government and the media says leads to more vaccinations and less freedom.