UK Government to Give People Money Because No One Can Afford Anything

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It’s fine. It’s just like the 1970s.

Everything will just go totally back to normal at some unspecified point in the future for no reason.


Millions of low-income households in Britain will receive cost-of-living support from the government of up to 900 pounds ($1,084) over the financial year, the country’s Department of Work and Pensions said on Tuesday.

The cash support was announced by Chancellor Jeremy Hunt in his Autumn statement along with a string of tax increases and tighter public spending. The government did not give details on the payment schedule at the time.

There will also be a separate 150 pounds for more than six million disabled people and 300 pounds for over eight million pensioners, the department said.

The most hilarious part about this is that Americans are not even aware it is happening. If you tell them about a total economic collapse in Europe, they will say “I don’t believe you.”