UK: Labour Party Leader Vows to Legalize “Assisted Suicide”

My original argument was that the government should just kill everyone.

Honestly, I didn’t think they would take it seriously.

Then Canada initiated their “just kill everyone” program, and I was like “wow.”

In Canada, if you tell a therapist you’re depressed, they recommend suicide. They recommend it for everything. Some woman was injured terribly after the government forced her to take that vax, and the government recommended she kill herself.

This has turned into slapstick comedy.

Very dark slapstick comedy. 


Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer has said that he wants assisted dying to be legalised after the next election.

Speaking in a phone call with broadcaster and campaigner Dame Esther Rantzen – who has expressed her own wish for an assisted death – Sir Keir said he was “personally committed” to a change in the law.

It is currently illegal to help someone take their own life in the UK. However, there is growing political momentum in favour of allowing assisted dying – also known as assisted suicide.

ITV News filmed a phone call between Ms Rantzen and Sir Keir, in which he told her a Labour government would allow parliament the time to debate and vote on a change in the law.

“I’m personally in favour of changing the law”, he told her. “I think we need to make time. We will make the commitment. Esther, I can give you that commitment right now.”

Speaking to ITV News, Ms Rantzen said all she is asking for is the opportunity for terminally ill people to die “when and how they choose”.

She added: “When you reach my advanced age of 83 and a bit you have seen people you love pass away.

Just so you know, Esther Rantzen is Jewish

“Some peacefully and painlessly, but not all and, unfortunately, when someone you love has a very painful death that memory obliterates the good times when you think about them.

“You remember their suffering and I don’t want my family to have that. That would be all wrong.”

The last time MPs voted on legalising assisted suicide was in 2015, with the bill defeated by two votes to one.

However, gathering in parliament on Monday evening, MPs supportive of a change in the law said they believe the political mood has changed.

If Sir Keir wins the next general election, for the first time the law would be debated under a prime minister who personally favours assisted dying.

In his previous role as director of public prosecutions, Sir Keir personally recommended that families who assist terminally ill loved ones to die should not be prosecuted.

ITV News exclusively revealed earlier this week that an overwhelming majority of the public are in favour of assisted dying, according to the largest poll ever conducted.

Around 75% of people said they support a change in the law, versus 14% who are opposed.

The problem I have is that they’re not actually killing everyone. This is just yet another global warming “reduce the peasant population because we’ll just replace them with robots” scheme. Also, only white people do these suicide programs.

What we need is referendums on killing absolutely everyone. We need straight yea/nay on “should we just go ahead and kill everyone?”

I think we can get it passed if we can get the referendum on the ballot next season.