UK: No Jail Time for Black Woman Who Shoved “White Bitch” in Front of Bus

Most traditional crimes are not crimes anymore.

Instead we have new crimes, such as not wearing a mask, or having a party.

Pushing an old white woman in front of a bus is definitely not a crime.


The ‘Pimlico Pusher’, who shoved a “white b*tch” in her sixties into the path of a moving bus, has been allowed to walk out of court a free woman.

40-year-old Amelia Doris had pursued Linda Lancaster, a woman in her sixties, out onto the street after what Judge Sally Cahill QC described as “some slight that [Doris] appeared to have taken” in a Tesco supermarket.

Amelia Doris

Lancaster was just “shopping, minding her own business” in London when she supposedly bumped the head of Doris’s son with her basket by mistake at the checkout.

Doris rounded on her, railing “you’ve met the wrong woman, you white bitch” and shoving her to the ground, according to a Court News UK report.

Doris then lurked outside the Tesco waiting for Lancaster, shouting “watch what happens when you come out” into the store.

Sure enough, and despite Lancaster’s efforts to avoid her assailant by walking around the back, Doris found her and shoulder barged her into the path of an oncoming bus. Fortunately she did not go under it, instead colliding with the moving vehicle “so that she hit her head against the front doors”, recalled John Livingston, prosecuting.

Despite the fact the attack could have resulted in the victim’s death had she gone under the bus, and the racial abuse which it involved, Judge Cahill saw fit to let Doris off with a suspended sentence.

“You are somebody previously of good character which makes this incident completely out of character and really quite inexplicable,” the judge simpered.

She then handed Doris a sentence of just ten months, which was suspended for a year, meaning she will spend no time in prison at all unless she commits further offences within that year — and maybe not even then.

It’s not only that these sorts of acts of violence against white people are no longer considered crimes. The governments and government-backed media of the West are actively encouraging them, and making them out to be heroic acts.

This woman was “striking back against the racist white patriarchy.”

For now, the crimes are allowed, but still nominally condemned by judges. But we are very close to the point where they will be openly celebrated by government and media alike.

The goal is to maximize the animalistic tendencies of the blacks, and use them as a weapon against white people.

It has nothing to do with “black liberation,” whatever that term even means.

Black neighborhoods are more violent than ever, and the media is refusing to talk about it.

The Jews who are behind this “black liberation” agenda are no more liberating the blacks than Michael Vick was “liberating” the pit bulls he used in his dog fights. These blacks are being used as a tool of violence, period.