UK Prison Denies Inmate Meals Amid Gross Mistreatment

A prison guard in Britain has denied an inmate meals amid an infestation of cockroaches, overcrowding and unruly punishment at an ancient UK prison, a new report reveals.

Press TV
September 20, 2013


Her Majesty’s (HM) prison in Bristol was found to have double the amount of gross mistreatment and humiliation compared to similar sized prisons, overcapacity at 577 inmates, and poor quality hygienic conditions, said Nick Hardwick, a chief inspector of prisons from the HM Inspectorate of Prisons (HMIP).

The Victorian-era prison was said to be 45-percent occupied by persons with a disability. In the report the prison’s personnel were scrutinized for bullying inmates and it raised concern over violations of human rights.

One of the staff reportedly prevented an inmate from eating full meals and was locked up all day.

The HMIP reported that the quality of the prison had gone down the drain at some time since the last inspection three years ago.

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