UK: Second Police Investigation Into Russell Brand Underfoot

How do we do that Simpsons bit here? “In Soviet America, whore stones you” isn’t funny and is insulting to the Soviet Union.

The thing about this is: they are saying one of these angry women was 16 when Russell Brand dated her in his thirties. That was 15 years ago, meaning that 16-year-old is now a used up old granny no man on earth has any interest in, while Brand could cruise through a high school parking lot and have 16-year-old girls crowding into his SUV like Chinamen crowding into a 7 AM train.

Can you see why women get mad? 

Can you see why they would want revenge?


The actor and comedian Russell Brand is under investigation by a second UK police force amid new allegations of “harassment and stalking,” numerous UK media sources reported on Monday.

Brand, 48, who is being investigated by London’s Metropolitan Police following the publication two weeks ago of an array of sexual-abuse allegations by The Times, the Sunday Times and broadcaster Channel 4, is also the subject of a separate probe by the Thames Valley police, several media sources, including The Guardian and the BBC, said.

Brand has denied all allegations made against him.

“Thames Valley Police in the past two weeks received new information in relation to the harassment and stalking allegations dating back to 2018,” the police force said in a statement without directly naming Brand. “This information is being investigated. As such, it would be inappropriate to comment on an ongoing investigation.” 

Thames Valley Police is the force that operates in the Henley-On-Thames region of Oxfordshire, where Brand resides and where he also owns a pub. The entertainer didn’t immediately comment on the new allegations when contacted by the BBC.

The unnamed woman at the center of the new claims had reported her allegations to Thames Valley Police on multiple occasions between 2018 and 2022, the BBC said, but the police declined to take further action. Brand had accused the woman of harassment in 2017, the outlet also said.

Last week, the Metropolitan Police confirmed that it had opened an investigation into allegations of sexual offenses by Brand in London, as well as “elsewhere in the country.” Dates given for the alleged offenses are not recent, the force added.

So, Brand’s show started up again last Monday (a week ago today). I was gonna go out and celebrate this then, but then I decided to let it stew for a week.

The background and format of his show totally changed:

It’s almost as if he… moved to another country. 

It’s almost as if, finally, after all of these years, one person took my advice.