UK: Tory Politician Says to Raise Retirement Age to 75

So, here’s the thing: technology has rapidly made material abundance less valuable. It’s difficult to understand that sentence, but that sentence is correct.

Probably, the value of living comfortably has halved every 15 years for the last 100 years.

Meanwhile, the government is telling you to do with less, and to give more.

That’s why we have global warming hoaxery, it’s why we have mass immigration. Otherwise, this situation would be obviously intolerable, and the people would be demanding that the rich allow at least a little bit of this increase in wealth to drip down to the population.


Tory Party grandee and former Brexit negotiator Lord Frost has suggested that the state pension age in the UK be raised to 75 in a bid to reduce public spending. The pension age has already risen twice in the last five years.

“I do think that the honest truth is that the pension age is going to have to go up quite a long way to solve this problem [of reducing public expenditure],” Frost said during a discussion at the Conservative Party’s annual conference in Manchester on Monday. “That seems to me the best way of getting out of it in the medium term.”

Britain has had a Conservative government since 2010, and despite some initial cutbacks by the normally spendthrift party, the government’s outlay has ballooned in recent years. Its annual spending on services – which includes healthcare, welfare benefits, and pensions – soared to £784 billion ($953 billion) in 2022-23, from £713.1 billion ($866 billion) the previous year, according to government statistics.

The NHS is an insane waste of money, of course. But that shouldn’t really matter. Frankly, not even the migrants should matter. The government should be able to loosen up the resource distribution through all kinds of different policies.

But they don’t.