FBI Says Bomb Threats to Jew Community Centers Coming from Outside US!

In early 2017, following the election of Donald Trump, the Anti-Defamation League threw a fit, like spoiled children.

Jonathan Greenblatt, the chief Jew at the Jewish shakedown and defamation group, had been banking on Hillary Clinton winning and giving all sorts of new benefits to the Jews, including “hate speech” laws.

All of a sudden, just after Trump took office, Jewish Community Centers (JCCs) started receiving a barrage of prank call bomb threats. Over 2,000 prank calls threatening to blow up the JCCs were issued by one person, across multiple countries. Nothing ever blew up. They were prank calls.

Greenblatt was constantly in the public, whining and blaming Donald Trump and “white supremacy.” He called for “action,” without specifying what that would look like, while heavily hinting at a need for hate speech laws.

I said, from the beginning of this major hoax, that only a Jew would do this. I put my reputation on the line, and said that there was a 100% chance that the person or group making the calls was Jewish.

In late February 2017, when Trump was confronted about it by an Orthodox Jew, he said it might be designed to “make others look bad,” indicating that Jews were the ones making the calls.

The ADL then accused Trump of reading the Daily Stormer and promoting our “conspiracy theories.”

Shortly thereafter, the FBI went to Israel and found that in fact, an Israeli Jew was making the calls. The 18-year-old, Michael Ron David Kadar, was said to have been doing it… for no reason. It was pure coincidence that it gave Jonathan Greenblatt fuel to attack Donald Trump and white people generally.

They then claimed that he was autistic and had a brain tumor.

He was nonetheless sentenced to ten years in prison in Israel.

What I said at the time and maintain now is that the ADL must have known who was making the calls, and therefore the ADL should be investigated for this terror hoax against their own people. If the ADL did not know who was making the calls, they wouldn’t have promoted it so heavily, because they had to have known it was a Jew.

Only Jews make these kinds of frivolous threats, as they only benefit Jews, as they are able to claim victimhood. No “white supremacist” gains anything from Trump and all white people being blamed for malicious prank calls.

Most fantastically of all, even after the calls were revealed to have been done by a Jew in Israel, the ADL kept them in their “hate crimes” statistics, and went on to claim that 2017 saw a 60% increase in “antisemitic incidents.”

If they had not included these prank calls made by the Israeli, their data (which is really all fraudulent) likely would have shown “antisemitic incidents” dropping in 2017.

Recently, this exact same thing is happening again, this time via email, in the wake of the Gaza slaughter. Prank calls are being made, threatening bombings against JCCs. No bombings are happening, of course. This time around, the Jews are blaming Moslems.

Now, the FBI is saying that the calls are coming from outside of the United States.


Hundreds of false bomb threats that were emailed over the weekend to Jewish facilities across the US are believed to be connected and originating from outside the country, according to the FBI.

At this time, based on similar language and specific email tradecraft used, it appears the perpetrators of these threats are connected. Additionally, these threats appear to be originating from outside of the United States,” the FBI said in a message to national Jewish organizations that was obtained by CNN.

“To date, none of these email threats have involved any actual explosive devices or credible risk of harm to congregants,” the bureau added.

More than 400 Jewish facilities received the false bomb threats over email since Saturday, the Anti-Defamation League, an international Jewish non-profit organization, said on Monday.

Oren Segal, vice president of the Center on Extremism at ADL, told CNN the organization believed one person or a small number of people were behind the threats. The emailed messages contained similarities, including the nature of the alleged threats and variations in the name of a group claiming to be responsible for them, said Segal, who had seen the messages.

More than 30 of the FBI’s field offices across the US are investigating the threats, the bureau said.

Previously, the federal agency said it was aware of the hoaxes and there was no information to suggest a current, credible threat.

The false threats come just days after the end of Hanukkah and amid a spike of threats against the Jewish community documented since the start of the Israel-Hamas war in Gaza.

It is the Jews again. I can say that with 100% certainty.

Jews are the only people who do this. Moslems don’t make frivolous threats. Moslems drop into your base on paragliders and start killing your dudes.

Moslems do not play gay little games. They just kill you.

We’ve seen this for decades, and if you want, centuries. Whatever you think of the Moslems, they do not mess around, and they get their hands dirty.

Jews are the ones doing this weird shit.

Given that Jews suffered no consequences at all for doing this hoax in 2017, there is zero reason to believe they would not simply do the exact same hoax again.

I have 100% certainty that the Jews are the ones doing these pranks. Whether they get caught is another matter. It doesn’t matter if they do get caught, because no one is punished (other than some fall guy), and the media erases the story immediately.

This type of Jew behavior is utterly incompatible with a civilized society. You cannot have these people running around doing these kinds of scams on you nonstop, just as you can’t have them slaughtering tens of thousands of children.

The behavior of the Jews is simply too bad. It is unjustifiable, and they must be removed from civilized societies. They are free to go live amongst themselves and engage in weird behavior with one another, but normal people are under no obligation to be a part of their psychotic madness and destructive schemes.