UK: Singer Arrested for Saying She’s Being Persecuted by Trannies

Louise Distras, the most cancelled working class woman punk rocker in England

The law is clear: it is illegal to be persecuted by trannies.

Or maybe it is illegal to say trannies are persecuting you.

The law is not clear.

Just stay out of the way of the trannies.


Singer Louise Distras has revealed she was arrested and interviewed under caution after a GB News appearance.

The 36-year-old shared a lengthy post on social media after claiming she’d been ‘cancelled’ by music industry bosses over comments she made about trans people.

On GB News, Distras said that ‘being a woman’ is ‘being an adult, human female’ and claimed that she’s been ‘denounced’ for ‘stating biological facts’.

She went on to say that she’s being called a ‘Nazi’ and a ‘transphobe’, and is being threatened by ‘trans-right extremists’.

In the interview in November with Andrew Doyle, she said being called a ‘Terf’ (trans-exclusionary radical feminist) was ‘a badge of honour’.

The interview with GB News

Distras has now claimed she was ‘falsely reported’ to the police, who arrested her while she was only wearing a towel and treated her like a ‘terrorist’.

She wrote on X: ‘So yeah, they false reported me to the rozzers. On Saturday, I was arrested then interviewed under caution about my interview with @andrewboyle_com on @GBNews and my @StandingforXX speech at #LetWomenSpeak in Leeds.

‘Five hours later I was released from custody and told no action would be taken against me coz I haven’t committed any crimes, obvz.

‘The worst part was when they arrested me I was naked except for a towel and still had flippin shampoo in my hair, then had to go get dressed in front of another copper with a bodycam like I’m some kinda terrorist.

‘They took mugshots, DNA swabs and finger prints too. I’m taking those psychos back to court at Twixmas so can’t go into anymore detail right now.’

She ended the statement saying: ‘What an absolute f**king farce.’

On GB News, Distras claimed that one ‘trans-right extremist’ ‘tracked down my address and turned up at my home’.

She said there is an ongoing police investigation after she took out an injunction from court.

Distras told Doyle: ”Everything in my life starts with me being a woman and being an adult human female right, so I stated this radical biological fact in an interview in May this year and since then the music industry has just shut its doors on me.

”The platforms that championed me have now denounced me as a Nazi and as a transphobe, I’m being threatened by trans-rights extremists, one of them tracked down my address and turned up at my home. I had to go to court and get an injunction.’

Yeah, this is just life now. I don’t know what to tell you.

You just have to do whatever the trannies want you to do, or the police will destroy you.

Her at a protest last month