UK: Students Forced to Write Essays Forgiving Manchester Terrorists for Bombings!

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
December 19, 2019

It takes a lot to make me do one these nowadays, lemme tell you:

But here we go again.


Families in Yorkshire, England are incensed after kids were given homework asking them to imagine they were the parents of Manchester suicide bombing victims and to write an essay on whether “all terrorists should be forgiven.”

Twelve-year-old pupils at the Bridlington High School were given an assignment on the school’s online homework app on Friday in which they were asked: “Imagine that you are a parent of one of the Manchester bombing victims. Write a response to the point of view that: ‘All terrorists should be forgiven’.”

The exercise was set following an in-class discussion of the Manchester Arena attack in which Salman Ramadam Abedi detonated an explosive device during an Ariana Grande concert on May 22, 2017 which killed 22 concert-goers, including children.

It’s funny, I remember us having a similar discussion in school about whether 9/11 bombers deserve forgiveness. And then about whether just regular murderers should be forgiven. We even had a murderer or two come by to teach us about forgiveness.

Sad, but true.

And it’s only a matter of time before one of these Moslem terrorists is giving tours around schools talking about his personal journey to redemption and daring the students to cast the first stone or something like that. Eventually, a few steps further down the line, one of these rehabilitated terrorists will strike again, and then we all get to say, “oh shit, here we go again” again.

This is not a stretch when you think about it, really.

When you consider the situation that the UK and most of Western Europe has with all these returning ISIS terrorists, you better believe that the government is going to try “rehabilitating” these criminals. What are they going to do with them? Put them in prison for lifelong sentences and torture them?

No, only Julian Assange gets that kind of treatment in the UK.

Eventually, a few steps down the line, they’re going to be putting these Moslems on these speaking tours against hate like they do with fake Nazis or gangbangers in the US.

“There are children at the school who attended the concert and were there when the attack happened. There is even a cousin of one of the victims at the school,” one mother told Hull Live.

“I think this assignment is absolutely disgusting for all sorts of different reasons,” said Tracey Turner, whose granddaughter studies at the school.

Headteacher Kate Parker-Randall subsequently apologized, but insisted that the exercise was intended to pose a difficult moral question to the children and allow them to decide whether “hate or forgiveness are the best response to such terrible crimes.” The students had discussed an article about a mother of one of the victims who had forgiven the bomber for killing her son.

A conclusion in search of a premise, if I’ve ever seen one. Are the kids even allowed to choose “hate” without getting kicked out of school?

Last I checked, this wasn’t a theological school for priests to wrestle with philosophical conundrums. Furthermore, if they wanted to be fair the question would be: “Justice or Forgiveness?” This is training an entire generation of native victims to be morally disarmed against taking their own side and standing up to terror from a belligerent subhuman death cult.

More and more we have to start asking whether it is worth sending kids to school as the diversity rapidly increases and standards of learning fall. Add the indoctrination + the occasional flare-up of cultural vibrancy and then do the cost/benefit calculation before you send your kids to school. Surprisingly, large numbers of people who should know better still believe that schools are necessary for various bullshit reasons like “socialization” or “learning.”

Let me tell you God’s truth and not mince any words here: quiet and intelligent kids don’t get socialized at schools, they get hazed. Furthermore, learning happens in-between lessons and in the evenings while surfing the internet, not when you’re alternating between squirming in your seat and falling asleep on your desk.

But some parents are lazy/fearful of bucking the curve and won’t even consider an alternative option.

I suppose we will have to readdress the question when the UK schools are openly converted into madrassas and then see how these parents feel about the issue at that point.

Will “socialization” be worth it then?

And what is even the point of a modern education, really? Let me answer that: to prepare you to join the workforce or the military.

But are there jobs waiting for you when you graduate? Is any White man under the age of 30 even employed at this point? Seems to me that everyone I know (we’re talking college-educated men from middle class families) are struggling out there. Most have gone to grad school again out of desperation or are out of the game because of depression.

At this point, let’s expand the scope of our inquiries here: what are we even being educated for when it’s clear that White workers are slated for total and wholesale replacement by immigrants? 

Remember, the native generation is already majority-minority in the US for ages 15 and under. The UK isn’t far behind. The future isn’t looking pretty.

We need a back-up plan here.