UK to Fire 80,000+ Unvaccinated Healthcare Workers in Two Weeks

They don’t care if the system collapses.

In fact, that just makes it easier to say “the system is overwhelmed.”

The Telegraph:

Mark Harper, the chairman of the Covid Recovery Group of Tory MPs, has urged Number 10 to reconsider its approach to mandatory vaccination for NHS staff.

“NHS staff who are unvaccinated will start being sacked, without redundancy payments, from February 4,” Mr Harper wrote.

The Government is still ploughing on, regardless of the consequences on staffing levels. It’s nonsense. Ministers must change course.

“You can see… in black and white the Govt’s own analysis of how their policy will involve sacking tens of thousands of NHS and social care workers.”

The NHS will begin sacking staff who have not had a Covid vaccine in just over two weeks, new guidance has revealed. By April 1 all frontline staff will be required to have had two jabs, at a time when more than 80,000 – six per cent of the workforce – remain unjabbed.

The biggest problem with the coronavirus narrative is that the coronavirus does not exist.

That thing, which we said in March of 2020, has effectively been confirmed by the authorities now, with them saying that 75% of the people “hospitalized for the virus” were actually hospitalized for something else. If you look at the running number of coronavirus deaths over this two-year period, and subtract 75%, you’ve basically got a normal flu season.

If the virus does exist, it is only doing the exact same thing as previous respiratory viruses have already done since forever, meaning it is a redundant virus.

The inability to produce any evidence that the virus exists, combined with the faking of the hospitalizations and deaths, proves that this was all a big hoax.

But of course – more people are dying in 2021-22!

As they’re telling us fewer people are dying from the virus, more people are dying total. That’s called “all cause mortality,” and it is definitely going up.

Part of that is drug overdoses and suicides, and heart attacks from the lack of exercise and the stress. The stress alone of this whole hoax increases cortisol levels, which just generally degrades health.

Another big part is the masks. No one can say that forcing people to restrict their breathing for most of the day is not going to cause an increase in poor health outcomes. Then there’s the isolation, which causes people’s immune systems to basically go into remission – in normal life, before the hoax, you were touching doorknobs and then rubbing your eyes, you were breathing everyone else’s air – you were constantly coming into contact with germs, and your immune system was staying fit fighting them off.

But of course, the biggest reason for the increase in death is the safe and effective deadly vaccine that the majority of the population has been coerced into taking.

So, yes – the hospitals are going to be overwhelmed this time around.